Hartz-One Spot Treatment

I have two five-month old cats. I used the One Spot Treatment on both of them and while the other was fine one became immediately ill. He was listless as others described and began throwing up huge amounts of puke for his size. I gave him a bath to wash off the goo and instead of licking himself clean he just sat motionless on a chair. I brought him to the vet and the vet essentially said that, ‘some cats are sensitive to this brand of flea treatment.’ My vet did not charge for the visit and gave Max a good once over to make sure he was truly fine.

There is nothing more to say that others have not- I will NEVER recommend this product to anyone and absolutely heed ‘buyer beware’ for all Hartz products.

I should have known from the picture of the cat on the package- he doesn’t look very happy either!


2 thoughts on “Hartz-One Spot Treatment”

  1. I hope ur little one is going to be ok. My thoughts r with u. We lost our baby kitten symon 2 months ago so I am hoping for the best for u

  2. Sorry to hear about Symon. I still can’t believe that all the horror stories are made possible by an over the counter flea shampoo/drops. Luckily, Max was completely fine and him vomiting was the saving grace. Had he kept all that poison in his system I do believe we would be telling a different story.

    Much sympathy goes out to those who have had worse stories. I have already told my fair share of people about Hartz products.


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