Lucky, I guess

My dogs were not hugely harmed by Sergeant’s Evolve, as others have related.  So I guess I am just lucky.

However, the product was completely ineffective.  After a week or so after application, we discovered that the dogs were just covered in fleas, the worst infestation I have ever seen.  That stuff must be a flea attractor.

At $12 per box, you’d think Sergeant’s would pay a little attention to the product’s efficacy.   Apparently they feel they need not worry about repeat business.

One thought on “Lucky, I guess”

  1. Hi wdirkin,

    I want you to know that Sergeant’s stands behind all of our products, and we would like to work with you to understand why you have had an issue with the Evolve product. Please contact our Consumer Affairs department at (number) so that they can talk with you about the details of your case and determine what we can do. Thank you for posting – it is important for us to receive feedback from our customers to make sure we continue to earn the positive reputation for helping pets that we’ve had for more than 140 years!

    Sharon, Sergeant’s Pet Care Products, Inc.

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