Hartz drops killed my cat

I inherited my aunt’s cat when she moved into assisted living.  My aunt passed away a little while later.  Candy had a bit of a flea problem.  I think it got worse after she moved in with me.  I had a prior infestation that came from a couple of dogs I kept for a friend about a year ago.

Anyway, I was reliving that headache all over again.  I had to find something to control it.  I have heard that the drops that are applied directly to the back of the animal are most effective.  I don’t have a lot of money so I waited ’til I got paid and made a trip to Walmart to see what they had available.  I didn’t even see Frontline, Advantage or any of those highly recommended names.  I just saw Hartz.

I’d never heard there were any problems with the stuff.  I got it, took it home and used it per instructions.  A bit later, Candy wasn’t looking so good.  She looked dirty on her back where the drops were applied an on her face where a lot of the fleas had migrated.

I tried to bathe her with some reluctance as my water heater was broken. She looked a little better but she was acting listless.  Later she got where she could hardly move.  I think I was in a bit of denial wondering if I should take her to the vet, wondering if I could afford to.

She became virtually paralyzed.  I tried giving her water with a dropper.  At the end, she began crying and going into seizures.  Then she just went limp.

I guess she’s gone to be with her mama now  but I wish it hadn’t happened this way.  I second guess every choice I made from the time I took that stuff off the shelf until Candy was hanging limp in my hands.  I just hope I can help someone avoid going through a similar experience with a Hartz product.

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