My roommates cat sam.

Alright, So three days ago i told my roommate  to go to the vets and pick up some advantage to de-flea his cats and dog. He made the mistake of being cheap and had gone to walmart to pick up some hartz flea treatment. Last night at 2a.m. i saw samcrow out side, my roommates cat and he looked like he had been struck by a vehicle. The cats body was covered in mud, he looked cold and i honestly thought he was going to die. but when i brought him inside i placed him down on the counter to examine him. I did not see any cuts or scratches. His body was not bleeding, So i figured he was just cold, maybe he fell in a puddle and was freaking out from shock. I found a large towel popped it in the dryer to warm it up and wrapped sam up in it to see if he would stop shaking. but it was not working, i then noticed his body was not that cold at all. I was extremely scared, so i rushed sam to the pet emergency the whole time he was shaking would not open his eyes, and looked like he could not control him self. When i got to the vet, i told them that at first i thought he was struck by a car but he does not look injured, then i told them how i thought he fell in water but he’s not cold. they made me wait for about 20 minutes and came out and asked me if i gave sam any flea treatments, i called my roommate he said yea he used hartz flea and tick removal. Sam is still at the pet clinic. and they said he may make it and he may not.  What i would like to know is, why on earth would any place sell this product, especially when most pets  almost or have died from it? 

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  1. [i]ALL[/i] flea and tick collars should be removed from packaging and left out – uncovered – for 24 hours prior to being put on your pet. This practice will greatly reduce the likelyhood of the type of extreme reaction noted above.

    Norbert Becker et. al. note in [u]Mosquitoes and Their Control[/u]
    (2003,2010, London/New York) that the pyrethroid derivative, Etofenprox, is classified a “IIIu” pesticide, one “…unlikely to present acute [toxicity] in [‘man and other mamals’] in normal use.” (table 18.6, p 445).

    Many forms (ie: shampoos, collars, sprays, etc.) of flea and tick control are available with Etofenprox as the main active ingredient, and it is safe for use on cats and dogs.

    “If a huge skull and crossbones were suspended above the
    insecticide department the customer might at least enter it with
    the respect normally accorded death-dealing materials.”
    Rachel Carson, Silent Spring – (from the website ) …yes, and this is why it is important to educate yourself about the various types of insecticides on the market BEFORE applying them to your pet, introducing them to your home, or allowing them to effect the larger environment outside your home.

  2. I read the directions on the box clear as day, and it straight up nearly killed my cat. So excuse me but maybe you should educate your self on the subject of common sense and compassion!

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