Persian Cat – Another Victim

Look at this board!  People like you and me posting DAILY about their horrible experience with this product.  I can’t believe it!

I came across the Hartz spot on treatment product at Walmart.  I didn’t know anything about the poor reputation of Hartz — in fact, I just thought it was a familiar brand that I could depend on.   Also, I remembered hearing a commercial recently advertising that Walmart was the exclusive provider of a flea/tick spot treatment … I thought I was purchasing the exclusive brand, FOOLISHLY thinking just because it was on Walmart’s shelves it would be safe.

I applied the drops to my cat while he was reseting.  Not thinking anything of it, I left the house for a few hours.  That afternoon, I noticed him starting to twitch and itch.  I foolishly thought that maybe there WERE (to my surprise) parasites on my cat, and he was just responding to them dying.  (Silly in hindsight)    That afternoon, he was QUITE lazy and lethargic…  I attributed it to his insulin/diabetes, however.

I went to the Hartz box to read for further instructions about the application…. whether it kills parasites on contact, etc…  there was no such information.  There was only a statement urging us to make sure it was applied directly onto the skin of the cat… under their coat.  My cat is a long hair, so I thought perhaps I didn’t apply it correctly…. and started to apply a little more to my cat, Joey, but he ran in terror at the touch of the liquid on his back.

It took me some time to piece it together…. thinking that the twitching and scratching was caused by an infestation of some kind…  when I observed him scratching, I would inspect the area he was scratching and found no sign of any parasites.  Rubbing his back (he has a lions cut), he was very sensitive to it and snapped at me….something he never does.  In the upcoming 30 minutes, his condition DRASTICALLY got worse…. not into a true seizure like on some of the videos posted, but twitching uncontrollably… overly lethargic… abnormal breathing… eyes closed / in back of head….

Long story short… after researching the internet and finding the many people warning of the horrible product, I went into panic mode…. rushing to bathe Joey repeatedly.  After washing him and seeing his twitches continue, I would wash him again.  I was seeing improvement.

It’s 10:30 PM now, and Joey is still very weak.  I have been in touch with the ER and will bring him in at the first sign of deterioration of his condition.  Seeing improvements, I am continuing to monitor his condition, and am ready to take him to the docs at the drop of a hat, if needed.  ( I recommend everyone take their animal to the vet at the first sign of problem.  It may save their life )


The box contains NO WARNINGS to watch for specific conditions / twitching / redness / seizures.  All it conveniently contains is a waiver of liability.

I am disgusted with Hantz and will fight to educate friends and fellow-pet owners of this dangerous product… IT NEEDS PULLED OFF THE SHELVES OF ALL WALMARTS.

I’m seeing a lot of people, like me, who saw it in Walmart… gave it credibility… and ended up POISONING a member of their family.  This isn’t a rare occurrence… this is mainstream……..  we must all fight to correct this and pull this product from the shelves…. at the very least, there needs to be clear warnings and emergency instructions.


2 thoughts on “Persian Cat – Another Victim”

  1. Alex,

    I am very sorry to hear about your cat.

    What did you mean when you stated that you “started to apply a little more to my cat”? Did you apply more than the recommended dosage (i.e. one tube)?

    If you applied the product according to the label instructions, I urge you to forward your complaint to Walmart’s corporate headquarters. Here is a link for submitting a product complaint to Walmart:

    Select “Product Question / Product Feedback” and then click on the “Next” button.

    If pet owners fail to report these incidents to retailers, this problem will NEVER get resolved.

  2. Thank you… I did apply the medicine just as directed, and experienced its poisonous effects.

    I have contacted Walmart via your link – and that’s just one of many steps I’m taking to get this product off of shelves.

    Thanks to much care, Joey is much better today.

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