My girlfriend put some Hartz flea medication on our kitten yesterday. Tonight she got up to check on our dogs and the kitten was seizing. We have bathes her several times, and now we are just snuggling up with her and hoping for a miracle. we have called every emergency vet in our area (note: it is 2:37 am right now) and no one will treat her without a HUGE deposit. We just don’t have the 700 they are all telling us will be the base cost for IV fluids and detox meds.

I called the Hartz emergency line..they don’t really care at all what is going on. not even an apology.

This little kitty was the teeny tiniest runt of a stray. We adopted out all of her sibs, but wanted to keep an extra close eye on this little one. She was finally out of the woods, doing great, and we tried to save a few bucks by not getting frontline (like we usually do) this month.

So mad at myself.

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  1. So sorry to hear about your kitten. But I have to same I am grateful to have read your post in time. I was just about to give our small dog the Hartz flea treatment this afternoon. I too, wanting to save a few bucks, bought this at the grocery store. I was having second thoughts and just came onto the computer to google some info on the product…and well, hear I am. I will be returning it unopened and headed to get the Frontline later today. Thank you so much for posting and I’ll say a prayer to St. Francis of Assisi, patron saint of animals for your kitty.
    Best Wishes, Laurie

  2. You never use any type of flea medication Like that on a tiny kitten… It would overdose it no matter the product..

  3. You’re a good person with clearly a good heart… don’t be mad at yourself.

    I say that as I am kicking myself in the ass for my own foolishness, too…. but it’s not our fault. Hantz and Walmart (where I bought mine) need to accept some responsibility. This is disgusting.

    I, too, thought… what the hell…. I’ll save a few bucks… it’s all the same crap, I’m sure. How many thousands of people must have done what we have done and had the same result?!

    So angry.

  4. Please let us know how your kitty is doing. I trust that kitty survived the night and is now safe and sound. Like AlexH said, please don’t blame yourself, you are obviously a kind and loving pet lover. I did the same thing buying the product trying to save a bit of money and trusting Hartz Corp. to only provide products that were safe for animals. I too, could not have afforded that kind of emergency hospital deposit for my cat and was lucky that the bath solved the problem. God bless and keep you all.

  5. Havarti died at 5 am in my arms. She was a great little cat and is missed so much, especially by our children who had been helping raise he since birth. Havartis mother and our dogs are.still searching the house for her.

  6. I also have a sick kitten…found her seizureing today..took her to the vet…she may not live thru the night…I didn’t know anything about hartz and their problems..I am so mad..I have raised CALI from a week old..her and her 3 brothers and 1 sister…mommy Bella developed Madrid …so CALI is very close to my heart….did fluid I.v. and valium…its so hard to sit and watch her….so pitiful…why can’t hartz be stopped!!!!!

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