Fenn – Hartz Ultra Guard Flea Drops

We recently had a flea infestation in our home. Our dogs frequently play near tall grasses, etc so this was no big surprise. We always used Hartz flea drops, but this time they still got the fleas.

We had to give them multiple flea baths (with the Hartz shampoo) and reapplied the drops. Our one dog is fine, but my dog Fenn, within the last 2 weeks didn’t want to eat her food and rapidly lost around 15lbs.

I had my husband take her to the vet this past Tuesday and her bloodwork came back with moderate kidney problems. We have not put a specific diagnosis yet, but my mom told me about the issues with Hartz which sparked me to search and find this website.

If Hartz contributed to her kidney issues, someone will be hearing from myself and my attorney very shortly.

2 thoughts on “Fenn – Hartz Ultra Guard Flea Drops”

  1. I am very sorry to hear about your dog.

    The Hartz flea shampoo and the Hartz flea drops are BOTH capable of causing adverse reactions in dogs. Using those products together just increases the potential for those reactions.

    So, why does Wal-Mart bundle those products into something they call the “Hartz Ultra Guard Plus Complete Care for Dogs”?


    That’s absolutely insane.

  2. I feel my cat Sid was killed by the Hartz flea drops. He was a perfectly healthy and very social cat. Within a month he was dead, I had never used the Hartz brand before, and I will NEVER use anything with the Hartz company again. I had lab tests done and everything. I sent an email to a reporter from Cleveland asking about the Hartz pet products and animal deaths.

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