Seargants gold =bad

We had a similar incident with this product.Applied as directed,with a few hours our cat was drooling ,very twitchy,looked like something out of a scary movie.when we took her to the vet the said DO NOT use Seargants.the cat needed saline and steriods and was there for 6 hrs,were just glad she made it considering all the stories i read that end in pet deaths.We are pressing VONS to remove this shit from their shelves and for reimbursment of our 100.00 vet bill.

my 16 mo old kitty licked a lot of s-methoprene =^.^=

my cat licked a lot of s-methoprene (Hartz ultra guard one spot) treatment off his back about 3 hrs ago. I called Hartz who said he will be fine, and they test the product for ingestion. They told me to feed him tuna water, which he drank (about a 1/3 cup) or to feed him treats to get the metal taste out of his mouth. They also said he might start foaming at the mouth, but that’s just because cats cant spit & instead they foam. I fed him tuna water, and treats, AND bathed him with dishwashing soap. He doesn’t appear to have any symptoms, and I never saw him foam at the mouth. I am still worried…. any advice?


hartz ultra guard pro for cats 5lbs and over

I have a 2yr old cat named Buster that I rescued when he was only 4wks old he is a huge part in my family we love him with all our hearts. A few weeks ago I purchased the Hartz Ultra Guard Pro for Buster because the house we moved into had a stray that likes to sit next to his window I didnt want him getting any fleas so I bought the thing hoping it would keep him from getting fleas. Since I was in school I had no time to put it on him sooner thank god. I used it today since I was gonna be home all day and in less than 30min he began to act strange then he began to drool shortly after that he started stubbleing over and I freaked I knew something was wrong I gave him milk and began to wipe off the drops. I thought maybe my cat was just a little sensitive to the stuff but when I looked it up online I found this website and found out Im not the only one that has had a problem with this. I rushed him into the shower and scrubbed everything off of him. He’s doin better now but I was just one of the very few lucky ones that got this STUFF off on time. I don’t understand how someone or SOMETHING I should say can sell this product knowing that it has been responsible for the loss of so many lives.. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED HARTZ!! and I hope my story can stop someone from using this product

Brother past 7/2/11 because of Hartz flea control

Here I was feeling guilty, because I thought it was my fault!  I had a beautiful American Siamese that was barely 3 years old.  Rescued from a animal shelter at 18 months.  And I really didn’t rescue him, I killed him!  I was putting Hartz flea control on him, I cry as I type this because I feel so bad.  He was so sweet and beautiful blue eyes, he was faithful at the end of my bed every night, just wanting a little scratch on the head.  He started having bladder issue, always to use the bathroom, and he was scratching more, I was using some sevin dust 5% on him as well.  I was using at least 3 tubes a month.  My husband stated to me later, that his back legs where giving out on him.   I can’t believe this well name product did this, and why isn’t there something or someone out there to protect us and the animals about a bad product, that is poisoning our beloved pets! Upon further research this has been going on for more than 10 years!  Why would Hartz continue to make such a product and why isn’t a recall being done?  Consumers/Animals NEED to be protected against big companies.  Isn’t this some form of animal cruelty?

2 kitten deaths

Hello i had a 6 week old kitty and she was doing fine she would play,cuddle,sleep,eat and what i could see was very healthy..i gave her a bath with hartz grooming shampoo and the next day she was not the same and later that night started to wobble and could not walk we brought her to the vet and she passed away (was thought that she had low blood sugar).. we than had another kitty from the animal shelter and it was doing fine. I gave her a bath with the shampoo and later that night she had the exact same symptoms of the other cat could not walk kept falling over ..we rushed her to the vet and her gluclose was down..i dunno i have been researching about this hartz product and have herd alot of negitive things could the shampoo be causeing this drop in sugar level through toxin..please if anyone has any information please let me no

i wish i knew….

hey all.  i stumbled across this syte after googling info on hartz products. and boy am I did. I have a 4 year old boxer named meeka. She’s the kind of dog that is still a pup at heart. She loves to play and be loved. We moved into a builing that has really bad fleas. And since we didnt want her chewed alive, we sought out ways to get rid of them. We went to a local Reny’s and bought the flea and tick foam. I have never seen my dog act the way she has for the past day. Her mood went from our noraml meeka to a dog ive never seen before. She started by losing lots of hair. I mean she shed but this was ridiculous. There are now bald, raw spots from in between her shoulders all the way down to her tail. The skin is just peeling off. Some in flakes. She crys when she has to get up to go out and cant jump up on the bed with me without crying. 🙁 She just lays around and if she moves the wrong way she starts crying…She started shaking today. I cant say that it was a seizure but I have never seen anything like it before. She calmed down and we put her in the tub WITHOUT the Hartz to rinse whatever may still be on her off.  Vet appointment in the morning.. will keep posted on what happens/… but im close to 100% positive that it’s because of this product. I just cannot believe that something thats made to help animals  can affect them this way. I can only imagine what the “testers” look like. =(

Death to early

We had 3 cats and 1 dog at our house and now we just have 1 cat and 1 dog. Our story is very sad and no one else needs to go through it.
Yesterday we noticed a flea on one of our russian blues, we went to buy some flea controll, Hartz was the brand we decided to purchase. We get home and put the flea controll on all of our animals. Later on in the evening we started to noticed that our 2 russian blues were acting strange. There body movements were jerky, the face was twiching, there meow was weak. Shortly after they both started to have seizurs. At this point we decided to put down the 2 cats. We could not watch them suffer anymore. It was a horrible experiance and no one should have to deal with this kind of loss.
If I would have research this product and found this site we would never bought it.
This product should be taken off the store shelves so no one else have to suffer the lose that we endured last night. Hartzs need to change there packaging to say it may cause death if used. Right now all it says is that there might be some sensitivity to the product. To me that says nothing about death or the side effects that it may cause. Only if we would have know maybe our loved ones would still be with us.

R.I.P       Tika and Carneilius. You will always be in our hearts.