A close call: Thank you for saving my dog!

Today I bought a Sargeant’s topical flea treatment for my pooch, a beautiful former street dog from Taiwan. Within an hour he was starting to exhibit some mild symptoms that so many of the users of this site have experienced, whimpering and clearly uncomfortable and I went to the web to see if this reaction was normal. I thought perhaps the fleas were biting him as they died off. Then I found hartzvictims.org. After reading a few of these heartbreaking stories, I went back to check on him. Even in that short amount of time, his symptoms had gotten much worse. He was lying on his side on the bed and drooling. He didn’t respond to my voice and his nose was dry and warm. I rushed him to the tub and poured a bunch of dish soap all over the treatment site and gave him a thorough wash and all of his symptoms subsided immediately. If it weren’t for this site, I might not have acted as quickly and who knows what might have happened. My heart goes out to all of you who have had your friends hurt by this product. And though it may be small consolation, as I look over at my sweet pooch napping beside me, I can tell you that your choice to speak out saved him from suffering the same. Thank you!

Another close call

I used Hartz Ultra Flea and Tick on my cat Smokey, with in hours she was lethargic sick and listless, we watched her for a day, called the vet the next morning.  When we got to the vet and showed her what we had used they said they had pets die in the office after using this product.. Smokey was transported to anEmergency vet hospital where she not only needed and IV  but also a blood transfusion!! The Hartz flea and Tick not only is toxic it does not kill the fleas.. they attacked her relentlessly once she got sick and caused her severe anemia. The Vets saved her life.. she was bathed in Dawn to get the poison off and given round the clock care..The cost of restoring her to a bit better has been over $1000.00.. The store I bought it at has already pulled it from the shelves..  please lets get this product off the market.

A close call

I made the horrible mistake of putting the Hartz flea drops on two of my cats. Cali had the reaction to the drops first. I woke up one morning to her shaking. She wouldn’t drink anything or eat, some of the time she wouldn’t even sit down. She would just stand in one spot and shake. I thought that if I washed her the drops would be rinsed off of her. The next day I awoke to her having what I imagine to be a seizure. It only last for 10 seconds, but I was scared. When the seizure was over she wasn’t moving. I thought she may be dead. I walked over to her and she was still breathing. She got up like nothing had happened and she walked and started to drink some water for the first time in a few days. Right after Cali had a seizure I noticed that my other cat, Patchy, was starting to shake as well. Later the same evening the had his first seizure. His reaction to the drops were a lot worse. He wouldn’t move at all and I could hear him breathing from the next room. He had two seizures when we rushed him to the vet. In the car he had at least two more seizures. When we finally got him to the vet he had a fever of 106.5 degrees Fahrenheit. The vet said he would have to stay over night. They also said that Dawn dish soap will cut through the flea drops. He had to stay overnight and had an IV, but he came home the next day. It is two days later and both of my cats are doing fine.They are both back to normal. The vet saved my cats life. I would never have thought that Dawn dish soap is what they use to help get the flea drops off of the cats. I just want to say sorry for everyone that has lost a pet to Hartz flea drops.

One close call for a cat named Jett

I used Hartz ultra gurad pro flea and tick drops on my cat Jett and it made her very sick. We put the drops on her on Sunday and noticed her going downhill over the next couple of days. By Wednesday she really wasn’t acting like herself so I called the vet. They said that the Hartz brand meds can be very toxic to cats. If so, I don’t understand why it is ok to sell these poisonous products. Unlike a lot of the stories that I read on this site, my cat is going to recover. I am very grateful and my heart goes out to all the pet owners who no longer have their pets due to Hartz. My cat had to have blood tests plus she was given a bath and fluids. My poor baby, I couldn’t afford Advantage which is why I bought the Hartz. What a huge mistake. Nothing but the best from now on for my old buddy Jett.


I recently used Ultraguard Onespot Flea & Egg Treatment by HARTZ. It says it’s for cats and kittens.My kitten immediately swung her head around and began licking at it incessantly. Kittens can reach around and lick between their shoulder blades.  Within 2 hours of applying it my 12 week kitten began to curl up and roll all over, lost complete muscle control, she couldn’t stand, she’d scramble backwards then roll around repeatedly. She fell if she tried to get on her feet.  This went on for 20 minutes then she looked horrible and was very weak. It happened a little more that evening and then I believe that was it. She was just such a mess afterward and so lethargic. It took a few days before she was almost back to her old self. I can only describe what she was doing as a seizure or many seizures. It was incredibly scary, I thought she was dying in front of me. I called Hartz and they advised that methoprene would not produce this reaction, my stupid vet said the same thing, he’s an idiot though. I’m extremely angry and I feel that there are enough complaints of reactions like this that Hartz needs to be called out in court. I’d like to know if anyone else has used this particular product with similar reactions in their pet.

Death of my best friend

I remember getting him 12 and a half years ago in a pet farm for my bday when I turned 5, he was the perfect dachshund. And then I thought of a name we came up with poo poo it was short and sweet and Wharton do you expect I was 5 and the name sticked and he was becoming my best friend. Now a skip to the present about 2 weeks ago my dog got fleas and even thoughhe was 12 he was still clearly strong. So last Friday me and my brother bought him some meds at petsmart the product was a harts product for small dogs so
we picked it up this was our worst decision ever, anyways we got home and gave hI’m the medication and the fleas just poped off. About 1 hour later our dog began to shake but we thought nothing off it because he has done it before so we forgot about it. Another 3 hours later we found him foaming from the mouth and we knew there was something wrong so we called the vet and took him there. When we reached the vet he was checked and confirmed dead on the counter. A tragidy my dog was dead by taking meds that were supposed to help him killed him. And I have a question is there any way I can complain to the company that killed my dog? please answer…

Hartz Precision Nutrition Milk Replacer for Kittens

WOW, not even sure where to start now. We purchased an 8oz container of Hartz Precision Nutrition Milk replacer for Kittens from Wal-mart for my 4 week old kitten. We fed her 1 and 1/2 oz’s. With in 10 min of drinking this she was vomoting, dehydrated, sleeping (not her), not meowing (really not her, since she won’t stop meowing…ever) wheezing, her eyes were rolling around in her head, unable to balance, or keep her head up as she laid down. We did a ton of research on this product and found all negative reviews not a single good word was said, many people had lost their animals. In panic mode we bought pedilite and watered it down. I forced it down her and then we purchased other formula and luckily she is alive. I have filed complaints with Wal-Mart, Better Business Bureau and Hartz. I am in the process of writing a letter to the ASPCA… since this is cruelty to animals to feed them poision and kill the innocent. I can not believe they still produce this and stock it on the shelves. I am so disgusted. We rescued 4 kittens that were 2 weeks old from my neighbor’s yard (he moved and left them behind) we have adopted out 3 of the 4 the runt is still with us as she was not ready to go to a home. The others were young but we bought Just Born formula from our local pet store and sent it with them! My husband is very allergic to cats so they can not stay 🙁 She was very dehydrated when we found her, vet said 2 more hours and she would not be with us. I feel so bad that we helped her get healthy and in a matter of minutes almost killed her again. I am just in total shock that Hartz is still making this product. If they put it on shelves at least put in huge bold red letters. MAY CAUSE DEATH.. I can say we will never purchase another item from Hartz or made by Hartz nor will I suggest it.

Never Again

I’m happy to find this website, after two years of stabbing regret.

A week before I began my senior year of high school, my mom called to tell me that the cat we’d moved from my house into her apartment had become horribly flea infested. Chihiro was seven years old and was a beautiful long-haired black cat, with bright green eyes. She’d had at least 7 litters, in her prime, and had been taken to my Mom’s as a form of retirement.

I brought ChiChi home and proceeded to bathe and care for her fleas. She was sick from it, and we couldn’t afford a vet. Unfortunately, I made one of the worst mistakes of my life. I bathed her with Sergeants flea and tick shampoo, then treated her with Hartz.

My sweet old girl went into shock within an hour. I called an emergency line, thinking it was because (while leashed to the porch for a few moments) she’d fallen and nearly strangled herself.

As she began to foam at the mouth, going rigged and unable to move, I realized what had really gone wrong. I tried to fix my mistake, to no avail. Chihiro started to writhe in pain, looking for somewhere to hide. I followed her into the kitchen, where she collapsed on the floor, unable to go any farther.

17 years old and home alone, I panicked and watched the life starting to leave her eyes. I had begun to study for veterinary medicine and knew that cats received CPR the same way as an infant, through the nose. I tried for several minutes to keep her going, my efforts useless…

It couldn’t be any later than 10am, and I had watched an animal equivalent to a sister fade away before my very eyes, alone in the effort and unable to do a single thing except to keep her company.

It’s been two years, now, and I’ve been spreading the word to every pet owner I know any time flea products come up in conversation.

Please, if you value your pet, never use Hartz. Never trust something so close to ‘Hurts’.

Safe way to get rid of fleas

THe  safest way to get  fleas off a cat or kitten is to use a flea comb. You  simply  comb the  cat  the  fleas get on the  comb and  all you  need to  do is  have a  bowl of soapy water near by if you  put the  comb in the  soapy water the  fleas drown as the  soap in the water  breaks the tention of the  water. You  do have  to get the  fleas out of the  house and  keep the  cat  inside. Vacumming daily will reduce the  fleas greatly in the  house  remember to empty the  bag out side  so the  fleas don’t escape. It’s  simple it’s cheap  flea combs  can be  had  for a dollar and it’s 100 % safe. Works  for  dogs  too

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Sheltie was healthy but is now dead

We had a 10 year old Sheltie who was full of life.  It amazed me that he could go all day.  We’ve been battling fleas for a few months.  When we ran out of Advantix, I decided to pick up some Hartz drops from Wal-Mart.  I thought they would work the same and liked the price.  I never thought twice about this stuff being bad for my dog.  Well, a little over a week ago, he started acting strange.  He wouldn’t eat, drink and was sleeping a lot.  He was also vomiting.  We gave him til yesterday and took him to the vet.  We found out today that he had renal failure.  We were also told that he had very little chance of survival and we had to have him put to sleep.  It was very hard on all of us.  I was just googling possible causes today and was floored by this site.  I can’t believe what I am reading.  OMG, I feel as if I killed my dog….with the help of  Hartz flea stuff from Wal-Mart.  WTF.   I am not one to complain about the little things but I am furious and want to do something.  This isn’t right.