So glad I found this site

So, I don’t exactly have a Hartz story but I wanted to express my appreciation for this site.
Just today actually we bought flea treatment from the vet for our cats Kito and Percy. The cats managed to lick a bit of the stuff. Kito frothed a bit at the mouth and I totally freaked. So I scrambled around the internet, to find thankfully that since I had used a vet distributed treatment, the kitties should most likely be just fine. During my frantic web surfing though I came across this site and was sick to my stomach to read these heartbreaking stories. I am so angry that a company is still pushing their products to unsuspecting owners. I’m so sorry to everyone who has experienced a loss of a furry friend due to these dangerous meds. My heart goes out to you all. I also could not help but send an email to Hartz corp directly. Of course it’s just one little email but I want to continue to help raise awareness of this monstrosity of a a company.
love, Megan

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