Another Ultra-Guard One Spot (cats) horror story

I was almost sick reading this site realizing that my poor cat might have died from my stupidity, but am so glad I did find this. I bought Hartz Ultra Guard One Spot Treatment for cats last night and applied it to my cat. Shortly afterwards, he began trying to lick the area and scratching it. A few hours later he appeared foaming at the mouth, so I rushed him into the bath and used Ivory soap to get the stuff off him. Thankfully, he is okay and eating and behaving normally. I SO wish I had checked this out on the web before using it, but I stupidly trusted Hartz. I bought this at Atlantic Superstore in PEI Canada and am going to write and beg them to stop carrying it; also, I am going to make sure I post notices at the Humane Society and anywhere else I can think of to save other pets from this horrible fate. From me and my sweet little boy Billy, thanks to everyone else who took the time to post here to let others know about the dangers of this product.

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  1. This site gave me important direction when time was very critical and very well may have saved my pet, too. God knows, there wasn’t any bit of help on the product box. (Unreal!)

  2. My kitten did the EXACT same thing, the foaming at the mouth as well. He also was just salivating everywhere and was trembling and jumping around and moaning it was scary. He almost had a seizure from it too. Hartz company told me he had a reaction to the pesticide. and they told me it was MY fault because they said i didn’t wipe down there paws enough and the licked the pesticide. Cat’s are going to lick themselves,. that’s how they get clean and its still on their fur so it’s not like i have control, no one does. They need to make animal safe products since they will lick themselves and NOT blame it on a customer.

  3. Angela: I truly hope your kitty is now fine and recovering from his ordeal. Please let me know!

    Hartz is to blame for this; not you. If you live in the United States, you might be interested to read the following: If you live in Canada, you can file a complaint with Health Canada in the Pesticides Branch, about this adverse reaction. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency may also have someplace where you can file a notice there. Write the corporate office of the store where you bought it and include the links I have provided, showing that this is a legitimate concern. Perhaps if enough of us do this, we may be able to stop this product from being sold.

  4. I bought this product when I was at petsmart looking to protect my cat against fleas. I applied it earlier tonight and within 10mins my 1.5 year old cat was foaming at the mouth, jumping around in erratic movements, panting and meowing. I started freaking out and called my vet immediately, they asked what brand I used and when I told them this one the vet aide literally said, “WOAH” and told me what to do to SAVE my cats life! She said they’ve received cats who’ve coming in convulsing or dead. I washed him 3 times and rinsed him off in clean water and within an hour he was back to normal. The quicker you wash your pet the better they’ll be. I asked them why anyone would even sell this! It almost killed my beloved pet. I’m going to petsmart tomorrow when I’m done taking care of my cat and demanding its taken off the shelves and I’m calling the ontario government (pesticide division) to take that company down!!

  5. Hi, my name is Niko the cat. My dad bought Hartz ultra guard at Walmart for me because i had fleas once and he didn’t want me to get them again from the other cats. Good thing my dad came on here and read this and did not use it on me. Dad is going to go to the pet store and spend the extra money and get me the good stuff that worked last time. Love you dad. Don’t use this pet parents.

  6. Thank you for your post- my 2 kitties are my babies! I didn’t see this when I did my homework researching Hartz UltraGuard at WalMart before buying, but I found great reviews on Amazon and I applied to the scruff of their necks, a place they are supposed to not be able to reach, same as done at the Vet (for 3x the price). Luckily they had no reaction, other than seeming a bit sleepy.

    More in my all-out war against fleas: Enforcer carpet flea powder vacuumed up after 30 mins (anyone had any problems with this stuff?), in addition to washing all my bedding and bathroom carpets. The cats seemed better for a week or so, but are back to itching and scratching again. I lost my job and can’t afford the Vet, is there another product out there that is completely safe for my babies?

  7. I bought the hartz ultraguard guard at Walmart n 2 hours after putting it on him I noticed he was twitching n crying n scratching his back. He had ripped his hair out n was blistering there. After calling the animal hospital n the the nurse telling me that they have seen a lot of cats have got sick or died from this n all I could do was wash him in dawn dish soap. He is acting normal againand the blisters r gone but has a big bald spot on his neck I feel horrible for putting my baby threw that torture. They SHOULD NOT sell this stuff!!! it’s deadly!!!

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