a cat named Mouse

My Mouse was a healthy 12 year old long haired orange & white cat. I found him dead on August 23, 2011. I also used Hartz drops. He had stopped eating, became lethargic and wasn’t acting like himself and the fleas just got worse.  I wish I had found this website and known that I was really poisoning him, I cry everyday, I loved him so much!

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  1. i put hartz flea drops on my beloveved 7 yr old calico cat cici about 5 days ago. she always would druel from any fle stuff we put on her. yesterday i had to take her to the vet bc when my came home from school my my had found that she was in a sezure althou how long she was in it before hand we dont know. and we dont drive and my dad was at work. we ended up going to the neibor. i brought he outside and her mouth opend real wide she started sezureing realy heavey and ithough she was gunna die. she put her paw in her mouth and bit down on it. her claw ended up in her toungn i had to pinch her mouth open and get the claw out. we were at the vet till about 530 they ended up giving her 2 volumes and 2 methocarbamol . but again we dont drive and waited for my grandma. we got home about 7 and and she slept for a long time she woke up at like 11 and i opend a can o tuna for her and she just smelt around it you could tell she wanted to eat it but she couldnt. she went back to sleep and woke me up at 6. she the smartist cat ive known and i think the hardz did brain damage. she was able to walk but not with very well ballence. she is still walkin a little bit drunk like and the vet said she she has a high level of fip and we have another cat at home. i also cant get her to take the antidoe (methocarbamol) they gave us.

  2. I also tried to smash up the pill and I put one in 9lives can food and also I tried one in tuna and she knew something was in it cuz after a while of her not eating I opened another can and she ate it real fast. I scared for I read about alot of the stories on this site and don’t like the looks of the outcome that I don’t want to deal with

  3. my kitty just died today I found her taking a violent seizure on the kitchen floor. She died a few minutes later. Daisey was my girl and I am really gonna miss her. I feel your pain, I am so sorry! Ill pray for you and your family member who passed away due to these companys who are so careless

  4. My cats doing alot beter now but still no luck with her pills shes not in the same condition from befor the sezure. She has changed for she use to hat my mom and now my mom can pet and hold her

  5. Had my cat for 11 yrs. Loved her. Always used Hartz Flea drops on her. Never was sick. Reason I used Hartz cause I had a dog that went outside.
    October I noticed Mya under my bed. Thought that was a bit strang, being Mya never did that. I picked Mya up. One eye was huge. She couldn’t walk straight. Looked like she was drunk. Didn’t eat. Slowly went to downhill to not drinking water. I would put my finger in the water and them by her mouth. She would just upset it. Just a drop of water. Finally took her to vet a day later. He ran tests. Cat was in overnight. Bloodlevels for liver and kidney were very high. I had to put her to sleep. Did not want her to suffer anylonger. This happened Oct. 2010. Still wonder did she go by any cleaning things I have. No she didn’t. They are in my kitchen and Mya never went in there do to the doggie door. She was a good cat. Can not be replaced by anything. Wish I had read this site sooner. Would of never given her any Hartz product. Wish they would shut down. I am hurt.

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