If your pet has been hurt or died read this

I have been  fighting against Hartz and other over the  counter  flea products since 2001 It has only been in the last year and a half a person suing  for damages  in  court had a chance to win the case. But they are now in small clains court.

Please if your  pet has been injured  or died as a result of these horrible products, do something about it. Don’t think you  can not becasue you can. The more people who take action the better chances are we can  get these products off store shelves.

 There are many things you can do that won’t cost  you anything but a little time. PLease check out the “Need Help” page for info on what you can and should do. Take action and please tell everyone you know and meet about these. You may just save an animals  life  by doing that.  Thank you for helping.

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  1. I appreciate this periodic reminder, Dani. There’s still a majority of pet owners who have lost pets or suffered through injury or illness that have no idea what steps to take. Thanks for publishing the “Need Help” page (and keeping it updated) and for this occasional reminder of how people can translate their hurt and grief into productive action.

  2. I would like my money back from Hartz I have used 3 of their flea and tick remover; collar, shampoo, and drops and my dog still is effected.

  3. Today is September 4th and we just lost our chihuahua, Chico, at 7 a.m. due to Hartz Ultra Guard flea and tick spray which was used two days ago. Unfortunately, we are one of those families that live pay check to pay check and could not afford an emergency visit to our vet. But I did call and they told me what I needed to do and that was give him a bath, which I did twice, give him benadryl, which I did and try to get some iron down him, which I went and got some liver & by then he had no appetite so he would not eat it. I was up and down all night checking on him and he was up and moving. But this morning I jumped up at 6:50 to find him almost gone. He was my son’s dog and we rescued him about 6 years ago and now I feel like I failed him. My son called the number on the bottle and told the guy “your product just killed my dog.” The guy took down alot of information and gave us a case number and asked us to take him to the vets office and they would pay all expenses to have a necropsy done on him. If only they would have paid to save his life I may not be beating myself up today. I have read articles where they say their product is safe….That is a joke. It is NOT safe and they should not be allowed to make money on something that kills a family member. My husband feels horrible because he is the one that used it on him. WE did NOT know death was a risk of using this crap or it would not have even been in my house. I hold them LIABLE for Chico’s death. Granted it will not bring him back but if it saves another families pet then I might feel a little better. I would give anything to have our dog back.

  4. Lacey, I am so sorry that you and your family have lost Chico. It’s a tragedy and I understand the sense of pain and loss that you and your son and husband are experiencing. My family also lost a perfectly healthy dog due to Hartz’s Advanced Care flea and tick product–a needless, tortuous and tragic death. Their products have been well documented as responsible for the deaths and injuries to thousands of cats and dogs over many years. It’s a reprehensible record from a company that does not care and a government agency, the EPA, that has allowed it to happen far too long.

    I would respectfully suggest that you consult carefully with your veterinarian regarding Hartz’s offer to pay for a necropsy on Chico. This is a standard offer that they have made many times. They use the results as “proof” that their product could not possibly have caused an animal’s death. Veterinary toxicologists understand the reason for this–the neurotoxin pesticide ingredients break down very quickly in an animal after death. Usually within 48 hours there is no trace of the neurotoxins or such a negligible trace amount that it allows Hartz’s “independent specialists” to make the statement (which they will document and forward to you) that Hartz’s product did not kill the animal and there must have been some “underlying cause or disease”. This is a tactic Hartz has used many times.

    I’m not recommending that you do not have the necropsy. Simply discuss it with your veterinarian or someone in veterinary medicine that you trust. Don’t have high expectations that you’re getting an independent analysis–you won’t from Hartz. They retain veterinary toxicologists and neurologists to do this work for them (and, of course, they’re paid by Hartz) and they represent these “specialists” as independent. They’re fully aware that it’s almost impossible to detect phenothrin neurotoxin in animal tissue 48 hours after death. You might be better off getting written statements from your own veterinarian about the symptoms, reactions and their view of what killed Chico. You should also document the fact that you used the product according to manufacturers’ directions, dates, discussion with their call-center, etc. Also, please be sure to report the incident to the National Pesticide Information Center, 1-800-858-7378. This organization captures these incidents for the EPA which is the responsible government agency ostensibly responsible for oversight of these topical, spot-on pesticide products. Calling the EPA directly is also a good idea (1-703-305-7090); they need to hear directly from pet owners as often as possible.

    Again, I’m very sorry to learn that this has happened to you. There’s no justifiable reason. Hartz has gotten away with this appalling record for years. The EPA, a bloated federal government agency that spends billions of dollars a year has done a pathetically lax job of oversight for decades. It’s a very sad situation and I know it hurts. All the best to you.

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