my kitty died last Juliet

last night, 6 pm I put a drop of the flea and tick drop on my 3 year old cat.. i had no idea that it could hurt her.. within 4 hours, she was having convultions, seizures, dialated eyes,, rapid heart beat, drooling.. I had no idea… called the vet.. he said bring her now.. we did.. he said he would sedate her to control the seizures and convultions,give her fluids and an antidote.. , well she didn’t survive the night… I am so upset… and feel like a complete failure as a pet owner… i had no idea that this could happen… I am outraged that this product is sold as being safe…

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  1. i’m sooo sorry for your loss! i hope that no one goes thru what you went thru! ur baby dying because of some greedy company that wants to sell a product, that is supposed to help your pet, not kill it!

  2. My kitty also died last night…5 hours after putting the flea n tick treatment on she had a seizure, eye twitching n couldn’t walk right. I took her to the vet. They said they were going to give her muscle relaxers, sedate her, give her a bath n she would have to stay there for a few days. My estimated total would be 1000$ plus extra fees in the fine print. I couldn’t afford it so I ended up putting her down. Its the most horrible feeling in the world to know u killed ur own cat in more ways than one

  3. I’m going through this right now. Our Maine Coon is on IVs and Valium at the vets after going into convulsions after giving him a treatment. I’m hoping he pulls through but now I’m getting more worried than before. I wish I would have known about this site before I ever bought that poison.

    Kimberly Linn – don’t beat yourself up over this. You didn’t know it was dangerous, none of us did. And you can’t put your family on the street to pay vet bills, especially when they can’t promise a full recovery.

    I left a $100 deposit with my vet, but luckily he’s an old time vet, still makes house calls and everything, he also does a lot of charity work. So I’m fortunate that he will be upfront and honest with me regarding our cat’s chances and that he’s good about payment plans, especially in this economy. I find out tomorrow if we’re above a 50/50 chance of recovery. But if he tells me our cat will be in pain or never be whole again I know I have to make that difficult decision as it wouldn’t be fair to make him suffer for the rest of his life.

  4. I am so sorry about what you aré going through. My vet, told me that he sees this all to often. That unsuspecting owners just dont know how poismy ioness this stuff is My heart is with you.

  5. Please don’t blame yourself for your beloved pet’s death. You are NOT a failure as an owner – you were just doing what you thought was right. I am sure, like me, you trusted the Hartz brand and you were just trying to solve Juliet’s problem. I believed that the only reason Hartz was cheaper than the Vet brands was because of the mass marketing Hartz employs. I believed that since they made pet products, they would ensure their product’s safety and have pets’ best interest in mind.

    Take comfort knowing that you tried to help Juliet in the end by calling your Vet. She was already sedated so you can be assured she did not suffer when she passed. I hope you can forgive yourself and find it in your heart to give another kitty a forever home. You are obviously a loving pet owner and another kitty would be so lucky to be a companion to you.

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