One close call for a cat named Jett

I used Hartz ultra gurad pro flea and tick drops on my cat Jett and it made her very sick. We put the drops on her on Sunday and noticed her going downhill over the next couple of days. By Wednesday she really wasn’t acting like herself so I called the vet. They said that the Hartz brand meds can be very toxic to cats. If so, I don’t understand why it is ok to sell these poisonous products. Unlike a lot of the stories that I read on this site, my cat is going to recover. I am very grateful and my heart goes out to all the pet owners who no longer have their pets due to Hartz. My cat had to have blood tests plus she was given a bath and fluids. My poor baby, I couldn’t afford Advantage which is why I bought the Hartz. What a huge mistake. Nothing but the best from now on for my old buddy Jett.

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  1. I put this horrible medicine on my cats also and they started foaming at the mouth and stopped eating. The starting running wild and then they went into a coma-like state. It took them a couple of days to get back to normal. I do not advise anyone to use this on your animals.

  2. I need to say this for all the loving pet owners out here. I own now three cats The last one we named Tommy He is only about 6 months old but i found him on my door step and unlike other cats he didnt go away so i brought him in to care for him a few days later we found some bugs on him that i belive were fleas. I rushed to the store and bought a hartz Collar for flea and ticks and even tho i didnt read anything on hear about this only the drops I thought it was odd that on the box it said it was hazardous to human and demostic animals i didnt understand taking as it was going on my cat and i have a 1 year old in the house as well i put this on the baby cat and locked him in the bathroom and started doing reaseach… i found this page and started reading and instantly started to cry and ran in the room to have my Boyfriend go in there and take it off and wash the baby cat… Well it took him about a hour but he gave the kitty a bath with much struggle and lots of baby shampoo We dryed the cat and comed him with a flea brush and it bug free i wanted to THANK who every created this site and send my love to all you owners out there who didnt know i cant tank you enough for the warrnings and for saving my new friend My heart goes out to all of you!!!

  3. I really wanted to place my own blog…but this website is confusing. A dear friend of mine put Hartz on his beloved Cat”PK” and it took weeks for the cat to recover. I thought the cat was going to die..he couldn’t walk at all the 1st couple of days & he didn’t want to eat. He started eating again around the 3rd day but it took several weeks for him to be able to walk with out stumbling every couple of steps. How is this stuff on the market AT ALL????

    1. Sorry, Elana. A couple people have mentioned that recently, and I just noticed that the ‘submit your story’ link has gone missing since I made some recent changes to the site. I’ll get that back up here shortly. Again, apologies for that! As for your question about how this stuff is on the market… it’s because people keep buying and don’t find out about the adverse reactions until after the fact — and all to often after it’s too late.

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