Death of my best friend

I remember getting him 12 and a half years ago in a pet farm for my bday when I turned 5, he was the perfect dachshund. And then I thought of a name we came up with poo poo it was short and sweet and Wharton do you expect I was 5 and the name sticked and he was becoming my best friend. Now a skip to the present about 2 weeks ago my dog got fleas and even thoughhe was 12 he was still clearly strong. So last Friday me and my brother bought him some meds at petsmart the product was a harts product for small dogs so
we picked it up this was our worst decision ever, anyways we got home and gave hI’m the medication and the fleas just poped off. About 1 hour later our dog began to shake but we thought nothing off it because he has done it before so we forgot about it. Another 3 hours later we found him foaming from the mouth and we knew there was something wrong so we called the vet and took him there. When we reached the vet he was checked and confirmed dead on the counter. A tragidy my dog was dead by taking meds that were supposed to help him killed him. And I have a question is there any way I can complain to the company that killed my dog? please answer…

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  1. This was posted by another user Dani 2 days ago…

    I have been fighting against Hartz and other over the counter flea products since 2001 It has only been in the last year and a half a person suing for damages in court had a chance to win the case. But they are now in small clains court.

    Please if your pet has been injured or died as a result of these horrible products, do something about it. Don’t think you can not becasue you can. The more people who take action the better chances are we can get these products off store shelves.

    There are many things you can do that won’t cost you anything but a little time. PLease check out the “Need Help” page for info on what you can and should do. Take action and please tell everyone you know and meet about these. You may just save an animals life by doing that. Thank you for helping.

  2. So, so sorry for your loss and I so understand how devastated you must be. My little Lulee is my heart. Last night I purchased Hartz Ultraguard for my 8 lb mini dachshund but was hesitant in using it. I remembered hearing negative stories about it. I’m so grateful I researched before applying this poison to her. I also heard of an alternate organic flea product but just hadn’t done any research on it yet ( how much easier is it to just go to the store rather than order online. TAKE THE TIME) i found this product is currently used in the military for soldiers in the middle east, contains no chemicals and is safe for people, pets and the environment. It’s called Best Care flea spray by please, please check it out!

  3. i read you story and it just ticks me off they say it is safe and the website seems so friendly but look at the results i am sorry for your lose i think you should go right to court i know i would pets are kind of like us in a way if any of my pets died i would be somewhat dead inside to i hope you win in court i will urge everyone i know not to use hartz its is the worst pet thing ever

  4. OMGosh….my broken heart bled as I read, “Death of my best friend’s” post. This story is so much like my own. June 25, 2011 I also lost one of my best friends. His name was Lupito Charles Daniel Brennan (Pete), and he was a 6-year old Long-haired Chihuahua who meant everything in the world to me. I have always used frontline and Iverhart Max, but this one time was at my cottage and had forgot to bring it with. It was early April, but I saw a few mosquitoes so when I was at the store I picked up some Hartz Ultra, thinking this is an ‘average’ and well known brand. I would then purchase my Frontline online before next month application, as I always do. After reading about so many deaths from this product, my stomach TURNS to think I may have administered a product that caused my so very loved pet’s death. PLEASE, please tell me how I can help to stop this company from hurting/killing more of our beloved pets! I wish I had seen any information on this company and their blatant disregard for pets and their owner’s feelings. Of course, it is always more obvious and illuminated after the fact. I can’t explain enough how much I miss my baby…if only!

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