Never Again

I’m happy to find this website, after two years of stabbing regret.

A week before I began my senior year of high school, my mom called to tell me that the cat we’d moved from my house into her apartment had become horribly flea infested. Chihiro was seven years old and was a beautiful long-haired black cat, with bright green eyes. She’d had at least 7 litters, in her prime, and had been taken to my Mom’s as a form of retirement.

I brought ChiChi home and proceeded to bathe and care for her fleas. She was sick from it, and we couldn’t afford a vet. Unfortunately, I made one of the worst mistakes of my life. I bathed her with¬†Sergeants¬†flea and tick shampoo, then treated her with Hartz.

My sweet old girl went into shock within an hour. I called an emergency line, thinking it was because (while leashed to the porch for a few moments) she’d fallen and nearly strangled herself.

As she began to foam at the mouth, going rigged and unable to move, I realized what had really gone wrong. I tried to fix my mistake, to no avail. Chihiro started to writhe in pain, looking for somewhere to hide. I followed her into the kitchen, where she collapsed on the floor, unable to go any farther.

17 years old and home alone, I panicked and watched the life starting to leave her eyes. I had begun to study for veterinary medicine and knew that cats received CPR the same way as an infant, through the nose. I tried for several minutes to keep her going, my efforts useless…

It couldn’t be any later than 10am, and I had watched an animal equivalent to a sister fade away before my very eyes, alone in the effort and unable to do a single thing except to keep her company.

It’s been two years, now, and I’ve been spreading the word to every pet owner I know any time flea products come up in conversation.

Please, if you value your pet, never use Hartz. Never trust something so close to ‘Hurts’.

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