Hartz Precision Nutrition Milk Replacer for Kittens

WOW, not even sure where to start now. We purchased an 8oz container of Hartz Precision Nutrition Milk replacer for Kittens from Wal-mart for my 4 week old kitten. We fed her 1 and 1/2 oz’s. With in 10 min of drinking this she was vomoting, dehydrated, sleeping (not her), not meowing (really not her, since she won’t stop meowing…ever) wheezing, her eyes were rolling around in her head, unable to balance, or keep her head up as she laid down. We did a ton of research on this product and found all negative reviews not a single good word was said, many people had lost their animals. In panic mode we bought pedilite and watered it down. I forced it down her and then we purchased other formula and luckily she is alive. I have filed complaints with Wal-Mart, Better Business Bureau and Hartz. I am in the process of writing a letter to the ASPCA… since this is cruelty to animals to feed them poision and kill the innocent. I can not believe they still produce this and stock it on the shelves. I am so disgusted. We rescued 4 kittens that were 2 weeks old from my neighbor’s yard (he moved and left them behind) we have adopted out 3 of the 4 the runt is still with us as she was not ready to go to a home. The others were young but we bought Just Born formula from our local pet store and sent it with them! My husband is very allergic to cats so they can not stay 🙁 She was very dehydrated when we found her, vet said 2 more hours and she would not be with us. I feel so bad that we helped her get healthy and in a matter of minutes almost killed her again. I am just in total shock that Hartz is still making this product. If they put it on shelves at least put in huge bold red letters. MAY CAUSE DEATH.. I can say we will never purchase another item from Hartz or made by Hartz nor will I suggest it.

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  1. I bought some of this Hartz Precision Nutrition Milk Replacer for Kittens yesterday at the Winder WalMart. I fed it to my kittens and they became very off-balance, fell over while trying to walk and would be in a comatose kind of state. They were vomiting, twitching and jerking like seizures. Thank God they made it through the night. I will never buy another Hartz product again.

  2. OMG. I wish I would of seen this before.Last Wednesday and Thursday I had to have two 5 week old kittens put to sleep.Yesterday I had to have another put to sleep.My vet thought it was hypoplasia,but now that I read the symptoms you were all having with Hartz precision milk I think the milk killed them.They had the same symptoms.Vomiting,falling over,off balance,and then they would just lay there unconscious with a glassy look in their eyes.They vet said they weren’t gonna make it.Then yesterday I thought what if its the milk.I was feeding milk replacer from my vet,but I ran out one weekend so I bought the crap from Walmart.I am crying sitting here typing this thinking I killed my kittens.If it was the milk this stuff should be taken off of the market.It is killing innocent kittens.

  3. I have my heart & soul into two abandoned kittens and just discovered I was the one killing them. I am mortified! How can they sell a product like this. I hope I have switched them in time. Thank you so much for the info.

  4. How I wish I’d read this before…… My daughter and I had rescued the most beautiful kitten that had been abandoned by it’s mother at 2weeks old.He was so sick when we got him.The vet said he had pneumonia and asinus infection but otherwise was pretty healthy.We started him on a kitten formula from Tractor Supply and for 3weeks he was doing so good!He was the sweetest kitten I’d ever known.My daughter had set her alarm for every 3hrs.to feed him.We loved him so much! I ran out of his formula late one night after Tractor Supply had closed and got the Hartz milk replacer -HE WAS DEAD THE NEXT MORNING!!!!! All that hard work and late nights worrying over him for nothing!WHY CAN’T SOMEONE PLEASE MAKE THIS COMPANY TAKE THIS PRODUCT OFFICE SHELF!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I found some baby kittens in my back yard waited 2 days for mama cat to return. No such luck I bought the hartz replacement formula. Their ears have opened. Their teeth are out and they are all healthy and growing now weaning with wet kitten food. I was burping making them pee and poop. No problems. A couple of them even swallowed a nipple which freaked me out but they have pooped them out with no problem. They are doing really well I give them love. I bathe them dry them really good keep them warm. they purr and I know they are happy kittens. I have not had any problems with the replacement milk. If it were not for that they probably would have died.

  6. I started our beautiful kitty on Hartz after I ran out of another brand of formula. Cali was 5 weeks old and healthy. Within 3 hours she was vomiting and having convulsions. In 10 hours she was dead….. DO NOT FEED HARTZ PRECISION NUTRITION FORMULA TO YOUR KITTENS!!!!!!

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