my 16 mo old kitty licked a lot of s-methoprene =^.^=

my cat licked a lot of s-methoprene (Hartz ultra guard one spot) treatment off his back about 3 hrs ago. I called Hartz who said he will be fine, and they test the product for ingestion. They told me to feed him tuna water, which he drank (about a 1/3 cup) or to feed him treats to get the metal taste out of his mouth. They also said he might start foaming at the mouth, but that’s just because cats cant spit & instead they foam. I fed him tuna water, and treats, AND bathed him with dishwashing soap. He doesn’t appear to have any symptoms, and I never saw him foam at the mouth. I am still worried…. any advice?


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  1. First, do not believe anything Hartz says! If your cat has not shown any of these symptoms-
    Known Adverse Reactions –
    * Excessive drooling
    * Depression
    * Vomiting
    * Dizziness or symptoms related to balance
    * Convulsions or seizures
    * Tremors of the extremities, twitching
    * Hypo- or Hyperthermia
    * Disorientation.
    * Difficulties breathing
    * Paralysis
    * In extreme cases, death may result from prolonged seizure activity or respiratory failure
    Hopfully he will be ok. I personally would at least call your vet if you have one due to the cat ingesting it. By the way your instructed to put the drops inbetwen the shoulder blades at the base of the skull so an animal can not lick it off, as it is poison. If you do see any of these symptoms get the cat to a vet asap or you may very well lose the cat.
    Watch the cat closely for the next few days

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