hartz ultra guard pro for cats 5lbs and over

I have a 2yr old cat named Buster that I rescued when he was only 4wks old he is a huge part in my family we love him with all our hearts. A few weeks ago I purchased the Hartz Ultra Guard Pro for Buster because the house we moved into had a stray that likes to sit next to his window I didnt want him getting any fleas so I bought the thing hoping it would keep him from getting fleas. Since I was in school I had no time to put it on him sooner thank god. I used it today since I was gonna be home all day and in less than 30min he began to act strange then he began to drool shortly after that he started stubbleing over and I freaked I knew something was wrong I gave him milk and began to wipe off the drops. I thought maybe my cat was just a little sensitive to the stuff but when I looked it up online I found this website and found out Im not the only one that has had a problem with this. I rushed him into the shower and scrubbed everything off of him. He’s doin better now but I was just one of the very few lucky ones that got this STUFF off on time. I don’t understand how someone or SOMETHING I should say can sell this product knowing that it has been responsible for the loss of so many lives.. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED HARTZ!! and I hope my story can stop someone from using this product

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  1. I wish I would have known about this site before I gave the same stuff to my cat. She too is one of the lucky ones. I feel so bad that I put poison on her. I agree that Hartz should be ashamed. I don’t understand why such products are allowed on store shelves.

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