2 kitten deaths

Hello i had a 6 week old kitty and she was doing fine she would play,cuddle,sleep,eat and what i could see was very healthy..i gave her a bath with hartz grooming shampoo and the next day she was not the same and later that night started to wobble and could not walk we brought her to the vet and she passed away (was thought that she had low blood sugar).. we than had another kitty from the animal shelter and it was doing fine. I gave her a bath with the shampoo and later that night she had the exact same symptoms of the other cat could not walk kept falling over ..we rushed her to the vet and her gluclose was down..i dunno i have been researching about this hartz product and have herd alot of negitive things could the shampoo be causeing this drop in sugar level through toxin..please if anyone has any information please let me no

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