i wish i knew….

hey all.ย  i stumbled across this syte after googling info on hartz products. and boy am I did. I have a 4 year old boxer named meeka. She’s the kind of dog that is still a pup at heart. She loves to play and be loved. We moved into a builing that has really bad fleas. And since we didnt want her chewed alive, we sought out ways to get rid of them. We went to a local Reny’s and bought the flea and tick foam. I have never seen my dog act the way she has for the past day. Her mood went from our noraml meeka to a dog ive never seen before. She started by losing lots of hair. I mean she shed but this was ridiculous. There are now bald, raw spots from in between her shoulders all the way down to her tail. The skin is just peeling off. Some in flakes. She crys when she has to get up to go out and cant jump up on the bed with me without crying. ๐Ÿ™ She just lays around and if she moves the wrong way she starts crying…She started shaking today. I cant say that it was a seizure but I have never seen anything like it before. She calmed down and we put her in the tub WITHOUT the Hartz to rinse whatever may still be on her off. ย Vet appointment in the morning.. will keep posted on what happens/… but im close to 100% positive that it’s because of this product. I just cannot believe that something thats made to help animalsย  can affect them this way. I can only imagine what the “testers” look like. =(

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  1. Maybe it is because the flea product is completely worthless and your dog likely has a severe flea allergy causing the skin problems.

  2. Lynn,

    agreed with the worthless product. But unfortuneatly it was an allergic reaction to the product. Not the fleas. She seems to be doing ok now…There are many places on her that have lost alot of fur. But no more seizures, and shes starting to come out of the lethargic mode. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Yeah, My puppy had the same thing. He was balding and he was flakyness all over the spots i put the medication on. Yes it is the medication that she is allergic to because my dog when through the same thing. I hope she is better. This brand is horrible and I hate when people think its just our dogs. Its not our dogs that have problems, its the medication that gave it to them!

  4. thanks hun….she seems to be doing ok…she yelped this AM when she was getting off the bed…but other than that seems to be getting back to her normal self ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I wish I had read this before we put the Hartz Ultraguard on my terrier. She started acting extremely weird, whining, running around in circles from room to room, constantly panting and unable to sleep. She was trying to scratch the area above her tail where we put the drops. I gave her a bath which didn’t seem to help her behaviour (altho now that I have read other posts, I am glad I did). After 8 hours, she is still twitching now and then, but things seemed to have gotten back to “normal” altho she is still very (unusually) clingy. Never again!!! It’s poison!

  6. @ xtinag….Im sorry ur puppy went thru this…is she ok? It really is a horrible thing! Hope she gets better soon…meeka seems to be doing better…she played with another dog today so Im thinking shes out of the woods ๐Ÿ™‚

    @ Jamie. I did the same thing. I treated my dog and she started acting weird. I have a scanner on my phone and I scanned the bottle and it told me that it was discontiuned. Thats when i started searching for info. I stumbled across this syte and i am so glad i did!! I hope babygirls ok :(. It was like one of my kids being hurt. Seriously so hard. Im glad she made it thru. And I like everyone else on this syte has sworn NEVER AGAIN! I also have posted pics on my fb and myb of my dog before and after as well as the product and this link so that my pet owner friends can see for themselves what the end result can be with this horrible poison!!!!! I hope everyones fur babies are alright ๐Ÿ™‚ xo

  7. OH MY GOSH. I really hope she gets better! After reading all of this about these terrible products I can’t believe these things are still being sold!

    I really hope Meeka gets better.

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