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foxglove dead

i used hartz ultra guard on my 14 year old cat, foxglove topaz decker. i’ve used it before and noticed her acting a little lethargic. this time fleas were really bad so i used more than previously. i sprayed her on tuesday night. i called her in the next morning . she didn’t come. not even when i banged the cat tin lid.  i went out and called her. she answered so i went and carried her in.  she ignored her wet food . that’s when i knew something was wrong. i sat with her and brushed her, knowing she loved that.  i checked on her a little later. she was drooling. i took her straight to the shower to wash her off . her head was kind of lolling while i washed her. suddenly she started meowing and her arms and legs stretched out stiffly.  i petted and talked to her while drying her off. she relaxed and her heart was in tachycardia. then it stopped. she curled up, stiff as a board. my heart wanted to stop.  she was born on my bed and died in my arms. i wish i had known of this site earlier.  my other cat, motoko, gets pissed when i use it on her. i never will again. i hate the mother effers at hartz. make the public aware.  please and thanks.

tom decker

Two Kittens Lives On the Brink

Yesterday I saw fleas on one of my five month old kittens so I went to the store and bought Hartz flea and tick drops for both of them. After them struggling like never before when applying the drops, they immediately starting meowing in pain, scratching like crazy and licking the solution. After that they starting jumping around the room and convulsing. i knew this was not normal, but decided to wait unitl the solution dried and watched them closely. This morning, they were still itching, the solution never dried and their skin was starting to bleed. After searching what to do, i luckily found this site. I washed them with Dawn dish soap and it seems that the solution has come off and they returned to normal. Im taking them to the vet first thing tomorrow. Never ever use Hartz. It’s way too scary

Anaphylactic Shock after using Hartz Dog Flea Drops!! BEWARE!

On Tues, July 12th, 2011 I had purchased HARTZ Ultraguard Plus- Flea and Tick Drops and applied the one tube to my 10 month old Female Chihuahua. In between the shoulder blades where she was unable to lick the solution. Within 24 hours her eyes and face became swollen. Within 36 hours these big hives/welts began popping up all over her head and body. She was extremely itchy. I phoned my vet and she said that it could be an allergic reaction and gave me a dose for Benadryl.
The next 24 hrs were complete hell! Every spot on her whole entire body was swollen- her eyes, ears, legs, paws- you name it. She was so itchy and crying. She became very lethargic and vomiting uncontrollably. She almost went into anaphylactic shock!!! My vet was shocked when she saw her. I didn’t realize what was causing this severe allergic reaction until I remembered about the topical flea treatment.

It is now day 5 and my Chihuahua is still not the same! She is lethargic and not eating and drinking very well!
I think it is absolutely disgusting that HARTZ is still in business and that they are actively selling their products to consumers!!!!

-KIMIA from Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

Cooper On the Mend

This story will be a drop in the bucket it seems, but it also demonstrates the ongoing problem.

I have 5-year-old, mix breed, large dog.  He has had fleas once in the past.  I usually give him Advantix treatments for fleas and ticks and had good results.  I got into a financial pinch and he still needed his preventative medication so I thought I would be able to get by using Hartz for a few months because it was cheaper.  I gave him one treatment and the only issue I took with it was that his fur appeared to be oily for several days after the treatment.

I gave him a bath two weeks after treatment and he had been swimming and I was concerned that his medication had been washed away, so I gave him another treatment.  A little over a week later, I noticed he was more itchy than usual and smelled terrible.  I tracked the smell to his chest under his collar.  I assumed this was just a result of having a wet collar for too long after swimming so we changed our habits and I trimmed back the fur at the spot and began antimicrobial shampoo and lotion treatments.  Within a few days he seemed to be getting worse and developed another itchy spot on his shoulder.  I did the same as above.

The next day he was itching far more than normal all over and he began shedding excessively.  He seemed to have lost all natural oil in his skin and his fur felt dry and almost dead to the touch all over.  He was far more enthusiastic than before about being brushed.  His skin began to twitch and have tremors when he was scratched in certain place or has a brush run down his back.  I was reaching my wits end and began everything I could think of to help make him better.  I put him on allergy medication, antibiotics, continued antimicrobial baths and lotion, and cream rinses with olive oil added.  I thought he was having an allergic to the summer season, but during the first cream rinse it hit me.  His symptoms started shortly after I applied Hartz flea and tick drops.  This just happened to coincide with the beginning of summer.  I have discontinued use of that product and I hope he will get better fast.  I’m really sorry for those that have suffered even more as a result of this poison and I’m so grateful our situation hasn’t been as bad as some of the stories on here.  I wish all the best to other victims and I hope someone can bring this company down.

4 Mon. old Mini Schnauzer having seizures

Hi everyone we adopted our dog Wilson from an animal shelter two weeks ago.  The owner had stated that during Father’s Day weekend he had had two seizures but then added his previous owners had put expired frontline on him and it was too high of a dosage.  The vet said he shouldn’t have any more recurrent seizures so we brought him home.  Well he was infested with fleas, incredibly matted and looked terrible so we carefully gave him a bath in Dawn dish soap (he had been neutered a few days previously) and my fiance bought Harts Ultragaurd spot treatment for dogs 5-12 pounds (he’s actually slightly larger but I wanted to be safe) That was Thursday.  He was lethargic all weekend, not incredibly so or even enough for someone to notice that didn’t know how he acted, but very sleepy.  Monday night/Tuesday morning around midnight he had a grand mal seizure.  Lost bowel function, excessively salivation, barking, flailing limbs.  This continued about 30 seconds.  I cleaned him up made him comfortable and he was disoriented and clumsy for about half an hour but eventually came back to us and even chased the cat.  I called the vet and made an appt for today at 230 but last night he had another seizure.  Same symptoms except after this one he ate like we hadn’t fed him in a year.  So I gave him a tsp of honey thinking he was possibly hypoglycemic, but I just find the coincidence too high…shortly after treatment with both sets of flea meds he starts seizing?  He was at the shelter over a month without any seizures (or so they say).  Hopefully the vet can give me some answers.  I am currently a nursing student and we live on my fiance’s income.  I am so worried that these drops have given my new baby something lifelong he’ll have to deal with.  Thanks for reading and any prayers and thoughts would be greatly appreciated.  We are all attached but my 4 year old insisted on sleeping on the floor last night next to him because he was too weak to jump on her bed and would cry when I tried to pick him up.  He slept on his pet bed and my daughter and her princess sleeping bad slept next to him.  Losing him would be absolutely devastating.  Weve only had him two weeks but he is family.  Something should be done about this product.  Even if it’s not (which I doubt) what caused my pets problems, these stories are horrific.  If this was happening to humans there would be outrage.  Absolutely unacceptable something of this magnitude has been overlooked.

The EPA needs to hear from YOU

The EPA is asking for public input and taking comments concerning the use of propoxur in pet products. NRDC Scientist Miriam Rotkin-Ellman recently wrote a great piece about this update which you can see here. Included in her blog are instructions for how to post comments to the EPA. The NRDC also has put up an action here where you can send a message to the head of the EPA, Lisa Jackson, concerning the use of propoxur.

The deadline for comments is Friday.

My E-mail to Hartz concerning the deaths of 3 pets

Your products killed 3 beloved members of our family. I am disgusted that
these products are even allowed on the shelves. The irresponsibility of this
company’s products took away 3, almost 4 of our best friends forever. Our cats
had no medical issues, and were perfectly healthy and happy cats before
administering your products. We gave our 3 cats your senior vitamins, and all
became ill. One developed complete renal failiure, as diagnosed by the
veternarian, and spent 1 agonizing week ailing away before we had to take her to
be euthanized. She became incontinent, gasped for breath, unresponsive, drooled,
weak, and developed seizures and convulsions. We had barely enough time to
recover from that horrendous loss before another 2 of our cats developed the
same symptoms from the flea drops. We immediately washed them off with mild
soap, and unfortunately only one recovered. The other ailed just as Xena did,
passing merely 2 days after use. He spent his last gasping breaths yowling,
drooling, peeing on himself, convulsing, and suffering from hypothermia. He was
95.5 degrees farenheit. We burried him next to Xena last night. I was awoken
this morning my parents telling me that Thor, our 5 week old kitten, was found
gasping for air on the floor, convulsing before dying in my mother’s hands. That
YOUR POISONS. There are numerous websites and help forums sharing the vitims of
Hartz and their heartbreaking stories. I’m certain this has been brought to your
attention by now, and therefore, how could you ignore this? Do you rely on your
income from the unfortunately misinformed victims (like ourselves before this
tragedy)that buy these products with nothing but good intentions to their loved
ones? Could you not at least try to perfect your formula? By choosing to do
nothing, you are knowingly allowing petowners poison their loveds ones with a
concern only on money. How can you claim to love your pets and animals knowing
that there are families like mine mourning the painful and untimely demise of
their pets? I truly hope this is not true. I truly, truly hope this is because
you somehow had no idea of the agony you are inflicting upon families
everywhere, but sadly I know it is not. This kind of pain never truly goes away,
and perhaps if you tried your products on your own pets, you might understand. I
feel so alone in this, like the vitims of Hartz have no voice to warn unwary pet
owners. This will change soon, as more and more pets die at the hands of your
products. Are you prepared to take those lives until you take responsibility and
action? Our pets trust and depend on us to make the right decisions for them,
and though it is partly the fault of the consumer for being uninformed, how
could you take advantage of that? It is too late for our loved ones, but I pray
my say will somehow save another innocent life and family’s heart before they
make my same mistake.

Hartz Flea Collar NEVER USE!

About three years ago we bought our cat the hartz flea collar unaware of how awful of an idea that was. So it worked great for about a week we saw fleas dying and the cat seemed happy about that. Yet, the next week the cat became slightly ill vomiting only few times, and extremely tired. It was hot that day and we figured he may have ate too much and the heat made him sick to his stomach. The next morning about three o’clock in the morning I heard a loud bang in my living room. I got out of bed to see what it was and out cat had fell of the couch into violent seizures meowing so deeply it almost sounded as if it was barking. He began vomiting profusely while seizing. Then I knew it was the collar, so I immediately ripped that piece of S*** off and rushed my cat to the emergency pet hospital that was an hour away. Luckily after about 2 days of ICU care he somehow made it through. They said he may be brain damaged and have lost his depth perception but he was normal, but he has a massive apatite and is about 22 lbs now. Hartz paid for the medical bill and the hospital said they’ve had many cases from Hartz and said they were sued and taking it off the shelves, but no I still see the stuff at my local market in 2011. Disappointing…

Hartz claimed the life of a loved one, and just claimed another as I speak.

I am disgusted that these products are even allowed on the shelves. We suspected that the sudden and untimely death of one of our beloved family cats had something to do with the Hartz vitamins that we had bought only 3 days before her decline. What we bought with the thought of improving our cats’ health was so bitterly ironic, in that it brought her to a decline worse than any I’ve ever seen. We began to notice that she would vomit anything she ate, and that she drank excessive amounts of water, and tried to get into the bathtub with people, which was highly unusual. She became inable to move, and spent the last agonizing moments of her life gasping for air, unresponsive, and recieving IV fluids for hydration. We took her to the vet to be euthanized. She suffered at the hands of this irresponsible company. And as I sit here typing, mourning the passing of yet another beloved animal, I can’t even bring myself to go down stairs and see him one last time before he goes into the ground forever. I pray that our misfortune will be the last that Hartz ever strikes upon any family, but the sad truth is that we will be one of the numerous heartbroken families that cannot proove that these products have brought premature ends to our family members. Our beautiful, loving cat Catellus has just passed moments ago because of Hartz ultraguard plus flea and tick drops. These products have created scars on our hearts that can never be healed. He showed the same symptoms Xena did, and died in 2 days of putting the drops on him. He suffered lethargy, vomiting, weakness, incontinence, dehydration, hypothermia, and convusions before passing from a final convusion. People have to know about these atrocities that Hartz sells, and about the heartbreak that they cause.