Hartz Flea Collar Caused Fleas??


My name is Marlena and I have a two year old Russian Blue named Charlotte. I got her just over five months ago. About three months after I got her my mother got her a Hartz flea collar. She was doing great before I put the flea collar on her then about a couple of weeks ago I noticed that she started licking herself more than usual. After about a week of licking she started biting herself more than usual. Then about a week ago she started scratching way more than usual. I though that it was just because that’s what cats do, beings as though she’s my first cat. So when she would lay with me I would rub her head and neck and I noticed that she has scabs all over. What I did first was remove them but then I was told not to because I could irritate her more. So I sprayed her with Hydrocortisone Spray and stopped picking them. Now when I go back to rub her, I noticed they are getting worse. I don’t know what I should do, I don’t have the money for the vet or the expensive flea control medications. I only have enough money to buy the Hartz Ultra Guard Pro Flea and Tick Control. But I have read so many reviews and don’t wan’ to use it or would it be safe? I need help on what I should do so please help.

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  1. Do NOT buy the Hartz products, they are likely to kill your cat. And don’t use flea collars – not only do they not work, they are POISON and will only hurt her. Wash her down with Dawn dish soap and save your money for FrontLine.

  2. biospot is just as bad if not worse than Hartz. Invest in Frontline. Works great, you can buy it over the counter and it is safe for your cat.

    And the Hartz collar didn’t give your cat fleas it is just a worthless product

  3. The patent on Frontline has expired, so there are other products out there that can use Fipronil (the active ingredient in Frontline). It’s becoming much less expensive, and it’s possible some vets or even your local humane society would be willing to sell you one dose for low cost.

  4. no buying from hartz only further increase the money they make the more money the more they make
    its 8 here and i am trying my best a little sleep deprived but not stoping

  5. jesus, stop picking her scabs and take that collar off. common sense! let her live with the fleas until she recovers and the toxins are out of her system and get some frontline. u can buy it at walmart now. or advantage. it’s not that much. or better yet take her to the vet. many vca clinics offer a free first visit and will give you samples of revolution to take home. i did this and it only cost me an $18 rabies shot and $6 worming pills.

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