My puppy is about 10 months old and I bought the flea and tick ultra medication to prevent fleas from getting on him. We recently moved into a house that had a previous dog that had fleas so I just wanted to make sure that my puppy didn’t get fleas from this. So when I put the medication on him. It was fine. But when I got back from work he was starting to scratch a lot. I figured it was because he knew i put medication on his and he was just being fussy. Woke up around 3 am to find him scratching himself to death and biting his lower back to the point where it was a fresh wound and all the hair was gone off of it. This is when I knew I needed to take him to the vet. I went to the vet and realized that the trail I made when applying the medicine had made all of his hair fall off. He was shedding like crazy and had a huge strip of baldness on his back where I put the medicine on. When I went to the vet they told me he had gotten sick from the medicine I put on him and had to give him a shot to calm the burning that he was feeling all over his body. He is doing fine now, Thank the Lord. I wish I would have researched more about flea medication but when I realized that other people are going through the same thing I knew that it wasn’t just my dog who had a problem with this medication. He is in the process of healing and his hair is growing back slowly. His scabs from the biting are huge but are getting better too.
This medication might have killed my dog if I didn’t wash it off of him as soon as I did. I will always tell people never to use this product because of all the lives it has killed or made horrible because of it.

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  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!! my little puppy is 9 months and i have been spraying this flea and tick spray on him and I noticed his hair in the area I sprayed had bald spots and the skin is like a brownish color. and i have been soO worried but now i know what its from. At first i thought the brownish color was from rolling in dirt/mud but when i looked closely it was bald spots. I hope nothing else serious comes from this because i would die if something happened to my baby…

    And also every time i spray this spray on him he runs away from it like im trying to kill him and he hides from me. I just thought it was cuz he didnt like water…even though the situation is sad it was kind of cute and funny the way he would go and hide and try to look from underneath whatever he was hiding to see if I’m coming to spray more.

    But this is really serious and vvery bad and I dont understand why this product is still being sold. I am definitely going to post this everywhere i can as much as possible and tell everyone that i know about this. I cant believe ther have been deaths from this brand.

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