Flea and Tick Collar DOES NOT WORK!!!

Save your money!  I bought a flea and tick collar for my 5 year old boston terrier when he went to visit my in-laws.  I picked him up last night, after 3 days there (and 4 days WITH the collar on) to my surprise HE HAS FLEAS!  I have now spent $110 to treat him with Frontline, flea bath, and to have my house bombed.  I called the Hartz customer service nunber (1-800-275-1414) and spoke with a rude man who hung up on me when I started to tell him how I was going to complain about them to the BBB and report how terrible their product worked.  I immediately called back and spoke to a woman who was equally as rude and very sarcastically told me “Thanks for reporting this incident and your kind coments, you have a GREAT day”

I am beyond frustrated with this product.  After speaking to my Vet, they explained to me that the flea collar NEVER work anyway.  So, learn

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  1. I am very sad to say that i just lost my beautiful cat CoCo yesterday. I had bought over the counter Hartz Flea & Tick Powder for cats and APPLIED IT ON HIM, WITHIN HOURS HE STARTED walking sideways, was lethargic! In the morning, he was the same. Throughout the years I have used this product with NO problems so i just read the dosage. i took him to the vet where they put him through a series of tests and bloodwork, they put him on an IV and kept him through the night. When the vet got there the next morning he was gone. Before i applied this on him, he was fine. Why on EARTH is this stuff still on the market????? I now have the guilt of killing my beautiful cat who was like my child to me. I want some answers, I have gone online to tell people NOT to buy this stuff…..

  2. I would like to say first, when I asked my vet what to use he told me just like people animals have reactions to certain drugs that other animals don’t, and in time can develop a reaction as a pet ages. I even had a doctor tells me that on some meds says he will not perscribe a generic because it will act differently than brand name. I have two dogs, Harts works great on one, the other, I can’t use, I have to buy Advantax. just simple as that. and products don’t work right away, any professional can tell you that so for the person who had there dog spend 3 nights, why didn’t you put it on a week prior giving time for the medecin to work all over the body and hair first? and for CoCo, I’m sorry to hear about your cat, but had you consult your vet first and if it’s a good vet they would given you there cell to call when first notice. And I’m sure CoCo would be around. I lost a dog 3 days later after starting a joint drug that my old vet fail to tell me that were known side effects, That I fail to research more on, I went on the website after she dies, it says in big letters on the front page if any these things happen get to vet right away. And witch I know harts does report those synthems as side effects. I got a new vet and what I thought was old age, could have been undone, should have I called the vet when my dog started limping more.
    But as for the first person, yea I would hang up on you too, the over the counter flee collar I bout does say may take a week before it begins to take full effect to get into the body. You should have bought a liquid spray if you needed action right away and have the baby sitter apply it twice a day… simple as that.

    All in all I don’t blame the companies one bit, just the owners who didn’t do there research first. I’am sure if a doctor put you on a drug, you first would ask questions about what it does, why is it different than another drug made by another compiany, and what side effects are there, why it may not work, and what to look for if it’s a drug reaction to you ect… , not just take it because a company makes it…

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