10 months old

I wish I would have done more research. My kitty is 10 months old. I run a small animal recue from my home. So when I noticed a flea I flipped and got the flea drops. I applyed them to my 2 dogs and the my cat. I applied a cat formula to my kitty. within an hour she started to have seizures. After the 1st seizure I was able to wash the stuff off. I had to feed her water from a straw. She COULDN’T walk. She COULDN’T drink. SHE WAS BLIND!!!! She is still alive 18 hours later she is starting to walk again. I stayed up all night with her. When she meow’d I cried. Just as I had done when her mother gave birth to her and I heard her Meow for the 1st time. She is eating and drinking now. me and my vet are hopeul that she’ll pull thur…..She may never be the same she suffered Neurological Damage from this product..

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  1. I’m so glad that information like this was put on the web. I just came back home after a 2 month vacation and found my 2 cats and dog are full of fleas. I started to put the hearts flea drops on them (that’s all the store had) but right as I got ready to put the drops on them I decided to look up reviews on the product. I am so glad I was able to read this information!! It has saved my loving pets lives!! Thank You SO MUCH!!!!! I will gladly be returning this product and when I am asked why, I will tell them its POISON.

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