I thought I was alone…I guess not!

First of all I find it outrageous that there have been this many complaints and yet the products are on the shelves. My story starts long before this site was even founded. I, like most of the other people on here, went grocery shopping a local supermarket and decided to pick up some HARTZ flea “medication” while I was there. I went home and applied the stuff according to directions to my cat who was about 5-6yrs old. Within hours i noticed my cat was lying on the ground and drooling at the mouth. Not long after that she started having seizures. she had seizures from that day forward until she died about 7 years later. Her last year she became very skinny and her rate of seizure increased, sometimes more than 1 a day. It was very hard to watch and i even thought about having her put to sleep at one point in time but i just couldn’t bring myself to do it because she had been my cat since i was a little girl. When she wasn’t seizing she seemed to be a happy and ordinary cat, loved car rides and sitting on the front porch. I knew she died from the hartz and despite years of dealing directly with hartz i have never received a penny in compensation for all of the vet bills or even a letter of apology, nobody at that company seams to care that they stole my cat from me! Even today, 5 years later, it still brings me to tears. I thought I was alone and that this was just some freak incident. That was until I found this site today. How many innocent animals have to suffer until this stuff it taken of the market. I wish I could be more helpful and tell everyone exactly what hartz product i used, but i threw the bottle away the same day i purchased it and have never looked at those products again. It seams however that there are many different products produced by hartz and they all have the same problems, so my advise to all it to STAY AWAY FROM ALL HARTZ PRODUCTS. If sharing my horror story can save just one animal that it is worth the tears I have shed while writing this.

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  1. I look at every label now to make sure that Hartz, or any of the nasty subs. are not on there. They don’t care about your pets. Just money. Money. Money. and alot more money. I say put it on their kids. They still wouldn’t care. Money. money money.

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