9 month old baby…

My cat was born in my room, she was the first one to come into the world out of 5. She’s been perfectly healthy since day one. The other night I noticed fleas on her, so we picked up Hartz Flea and Tick from the local WalMart. The next morning I woke up and went looking for her as I do every morning, and found her lethargically laying in her litterbox. I ran over and scooped her up, noticing her back end was unresponsive and almost paralytic. I immediately went to the sink, and washed her down with Dawn soap and warm water, then dried her off. It’s been 3 hours and she is still sleepy and her pupils are huge. I’ll be taking a trip to the emergency vet later if there is no improvement. I am sick to think that all of these poor animals have suffered and nothing has been done about it. 🙁

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  1. Take your cat now, don’t wait! She could seem fine and then just start seizing or something. Get her to an emergency vet immediately and tell them what happened!

  2. Thank you Rubystars, I did rush her down to the vet and gratefully shelled out over $500 to rehydrate her, give her medicine to relieve her upset belly, and to make sure she was going to live. I had to feed her baby food for three days and have her under constant watch. Thank GOD she made it through, reading all these stories are heart breaking and I’m so thankful my baby pulled through. All the pets that have been injured or killed are in my heart <3

  3. Has she had any reactions since?
    My cat did all this 2 months ago. Vet did everything your’s did. She came out of it after 3 days and all has been fine until today! Her back legs are giving out on her and she can’t jump! Her right eye is drooping and she keeps meowing at me like to say “what is wrong with me” “why can’t I stand up?”
    I thought I was out of the woods and now don’t know what i’m up against! 🙁

  4. She actually has started acting funny again recently 🙁 sounds similar to your case with the meowing and helpless look in her eyes. I’m praying for all of us and hope you and your pull through unharmed.

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