Immediate Action for Pets

If you have used any type of over the counter spot on flea product  and notice your pet acting differently and you can not immediately take your  pet to a vet
If you notice you’re pet starting to act differently anywhere from minutes to a few hours. Immediately give your pet a through bath. Avoid extremes in temperature of water. Hot increases absorption and cold increases toxicity. Dawn dish soap is very good for this if you have it use it or other liquid dish soap. Make sure to get all the soap out of the fur and then dry your pet. Keep them inside and watch them carefully If they continue to act odd or you see any of the known adverse reactions listed below  get your pet to  a Vet ASAP
  Known Adverse Reactions –
* Excessive drooling
* Vomiting
* Dizziness or symptoms related to balance
* Convulsions or seizures
* Tremors of the extremities, twitching
* Hypo- or Hyperthermia
* Disorientation.
* Difficulties breathing
* Paralysis
* In extreme cases, death may result from prolonged seizure activity

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