Sounds like an allergic reaction

I have been using Hartz products since I got my dog in August 2010 and have had NO problems with them.  The products I have been using are as follows:  Hartz Groomer’s Best Waterless Shampoo and Hartz Ultra Guard Flea & Tick Drops.  I have read many posts from this website claiming that this product is killing animals.  I have come to the conclusion that there are 2 reasons why your animals may be getting sick.

(1) It could be an allergic reaction.  If only one of your animals is getting sick from using the same product, then one of them is allergic.  Yes, you need to see a vet and waiting only makes it worse!  Prolonged exposure to an allergen can cause death!

(2) Improper usage.  Please do NOT skip over this!  You might be thinking you are using the products as directed but after reading these posts, I have found many of them to be using them incorrectly.

(A) For the Hartz Flea & Tick Drops: make sure you get the right one!  They are based on your pet’s weight.  Also, when applying make sure you put the tip as close to the skin as possible.  It’s not supposed to be applied to fur! After you have made contact with the skin, slide slowly and gently from the back of the neck to the tail.  After you’re done, take a paper towel and dab the excess off the fur.  If you leave the excess medicine on your pets fur then there is risk that your pet will ingest it!  This is NOT good!

(B) For the Hartz Waterless Shampoo:  spray over entire coat, comb completely through, AND towel dry to remove excess soap!

Pets are like people.  People misuse products and have allergic reactions that make them sick but pets can’t talk so they can’t tell you what’s wrong.  If you’re pet is sick, you MUST see a vet!  I know they are expensive but you made the decision to get a pet and therefore it’s YOUR responsibility to take care of that pet!  I work in a restaurant and I invested in a pet insurance policy with Purina.  Whatever money I spend at the vet, I get 90% refunded.  If you love your pet, you will find a way to make sure they live a long and happy life.

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  1. My cat just died because of hartz, we followed the instructions to the letter, so fuck you, i had my cat for 9 years and he was completely fine until that bullshit, if you like hartz then get the fuck off this site

  2. There is no need to attack me or to become hasty. Hartz has been around since 1926 and has done numerous research to ensure safe and effective products.

    Did you even go to the vet to see if your cat was experiencing allergic reactions to the medicine? If not, then you are not fit to take care of animals! If your kid was sick, wouldn’t you take them to the hospital? You should do the same for your animals.

    I’m on this site because of all the negativity about the Hartz products. If you did ANY research, you would see that the company is very trustworthy.

    I’m sorry you lost your cat but people need to take responsibility and stop blaming others for their lost. Animals need to be taken to the vet at least twice a year for check-ups and every time they get sick. If you don’t, you will NOT know what caused your cats death.

    I bet you didn’t even order an autopsy to see what caused your cat’s death. Don’t put blame on something or someone when you don’t have any proof!

  3. As pet lovers, of course we read the instructions, and of course we buy the right dosage for our pets. Pets are like family to us, so just as we would read the proper amount of cough syrup to administer to our children, we would purchase the correct amount for our pets, or at least that is the case with most pet owners. I just wish we would have researched Hartz before using it and perhaps we could have avoided our tragedy by throwing away our Hartz products immediately. Sure, allergic reactions could happen with any flea medication. But just take a look around. Aside from Sargeants, none of the other flea medications are having the overwhelming amounts of issues as Hartz is (to the best of my knowledge). The reactions are absolutely deplorable, a 3 time Hartz victim myself. In additon to that, it is obviously not just the flea medication formula. The first death was from Hartz multivitamins, sending my cat into a painful complete renal failiure, resulting in her euthanization. Then months later, we had an outbreak of fleas, and used Hartz ultraguard plus flea and tick drops for our cats (proper dosages of course, and properly administered), and two cats died because of it, one luckilly surviving. I agree that immediate action is needed, and waiting certainly makes it worse. The best thing would be to take them to the vet asap, but realize that for some people it simply is not an option. You have to have money in hand to get a visit, and money of course to have pet insurance. Some families simply cannot afford that extra expense. Banfield has been an excellent vet, and for your first visit, it is free(Consultation that is. Tests and meds are not). However with Hartz products, you will need more than one visit for certain, if you can even make it to the vet. They close at 5 every day, and unfortunately, all of our pets got sick at night, when no vets were open. To say that there is nothing wrong with Hartz, you would have to have not experience a loss such as we have, as you clearly haven’t. It is very fortunate that you have experienced no problems with Hartz, and even more so that you have good insurance, but some arent’ as lucky, and it is an emotional trainwreck for them. I really could rant and rave at this post like Casey has, God knows the pain she’s feeling at the loss she’s suffered. I certainly do, as I’ve experienced it myself. My cats were perfectly healthy, and had at least another 5 years, (10+ for another) to spend with us, but was cut short by Hartz. It just takes a lot of understanding to realize that it’s (for the most part) not the people who are doing this, it is Hartz. This website is proof, and our stories and beloved pets are proof.

  4. I’m sorry but if you don’t have the money to properly take care of a pet than you shouldn’t be allowed to have one. I work at a really crappy job and can barely afford my bills but still manage to pay for a monthly premium for my dog’s pet insurance. Also, if your animals are sick only at night and it was caused by the Hartz products then they should be sick when the vet opens. It sounds to me that all of you people are making up excuses on why your pet died. Unless you ask for an autopsy to see the actual cause of death, then you have NO proof whatsoever that the products were even involved. If this company was killing animals, then it would’ve been off the market YEARS ago.

    Again, if you can’t afford to take care of your pet, then you shouldn’t be allowed to own one. Take responsibility and actually take proper care of your pets.

  5. Michelle~ I dont know why you are being rude to those that lost pets because of Hartz. It is not because of their finances or they dont take responsibility taking their pets to vets and being treated properly. These products need to be removed from the shelves because they are killing our pets. Hartz needs to take the responsibility first by removing these products from the shelves, because they are not full proof. I hope people sue the hell out of them when they take their pets to the vet because of your product. If it’s an adverse reaction to your product it wouldnt matter if you took your pet two times a year to be checked out either. It wouldnt matter if you had all the money in the world to save your pet. The thing is, this should never happen with one pet.. let along all the pets that I have read about on this site. It needs to be STOPPED. Your product is no different then feeding your pet anti freeze. It poisons them and it does not kill the fleas. I stopped using the product after losing my pet because of Sergeants. I will speak to everyone I know about Hartz and Sergeants and advice them to speak to their vets, research these websites.. and believe me they have this one to look at and read all the pain that your product has caused all these pets and their owners. Your careless attitude makes me wonder how many like YOU work for these products. I hope you never have to suffer the pain of losing a beloved pet. I did everything I could by the letter to the box and my pet was loved by me. There was nothing wrong with my pet until I put those death drops on him. I will never forgive Sergeants for cutting his life short. I will never use any over the counter products by Sergeants or Hartz either. Trust me its a lesson learned on my part, and one that I dont take lightly. I talk to people daily about these products. I have shared my story with many and I have seen everyone of them put your product back on the shelf after they hear my story. I am an advocate for my cat that died a cruel and unneccessary death. I loved him and I took care of him like I was suppose too. The blame doesnt fall here sweetheart, it falls on your company. These stories grow every day and I have spoke with several on here after reading their story. I do hope one day that there is a class action law suit in my area, because I will be sure to join it.

  6. I am not being rude! It’s everyone on this site that’s attacking me! According to EVERYONE who claims Hartz is killing people are putting how they DON’T go to the vet and how they ARE using the products wrong!!

    You obviously don’t understand anything I’ve said but then again you probably only have a high school level education which is truly sad.

    I just wish people would take responsibility or don’t bother being pet owners because obviously most of these people are not capable of caring for them properly.

    The stories are growing because there are a lot of irresponsible and unintelligent people out there. I’m sorry if this hurts your feelings but it’s the sad truth. 70% of Americans do NOT continue their education and of course probably half of them don’t have common sense.

  7. Number 1: I have a college degree in business. Number 2: I have had animals all my life and never had a problem. Number 3: if Hartz is such a great product how do you explain the CHEMICAL BURN on my hands from giving my dog a bath with Hartz Flea shampoo with oatmeal? Or that the fur on my dog started falling out or the skin on him not only red but BLEEDING? Number 4: I make plenty of money to take my dog to the vet and do. Number 5: Why did my VET tell me that this was caused by that Product and advise me NOT TO EVER USE IT AGAIN! Thankfully this stuff didn’t kill my dog just made him and ME miserable.

  8. After using this product on both of my indoor cats as directed(yes, I am educated, and can read directions- by the way) I have also had negative reactions from both of my babies. This stuff is dangerous. I will never use it again. Thankfully my cats and I didn’t go through some of the heartbreaking experiences I’ve read here. I am so sorry for all of you (cats and their parents) who have. To be honest, I get the uncanny feeling that the original poster might be a hartz employee trying to either a)promote the product or b) do damage control. DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT ON YOUR CATS!!!!

  9. I have never used these products and from these posts I don’t think I ever will. I am a near graduate from a science anis not a sign that there is no d arts background at a prestigious Canadian university (hence fully capable of learning, balancing evidence, and coming to an unbiased conclusion). Whether the products have been proven by autopsy or not, with such an overwhelming response to the company about these products they should be responsible for stating some sort of unbiased statistic clearly on the box to inform their customers about the product and, at the very least, allow them to be more aware of how careful you have to be when using the product. The fact that the company is not recognizing these problems is not a sign that there is no relationship between the product and the , but merely a sign that they have good lawyers taking advantage of every loophole

  10. I think all of you people are sick and making up lies because you’re torturing your animals. It’s the only logical thing I can come up with at this point.

    I’ve always used Hartz on ALL of my animals since I was in middle school and ALL of my cats/dogs lived their full lives.

    That means that ALL of you are obviously doing something wrong. I’ve owned animals for over 10 years and NEVER lost any of them. Hartz is a great company and it should be illegal to bad mouth companies when they have done nothing wrong.

  11. Used the Flea application for cats 10 years ago and had 3 out of three cats get very lethargic and one almost died. After some research found out there was a class action law suit against Hartz. They settled out of court for owners who’s cats died. They were ordered to change the directions on their packages. Like the ones I bought, they said to apply from the nap of the neck down to the tail. Well, that was a problem because the cats licked it and got sick. I watched the store shelves and I too was very disappointed to see the stuff still on the shelves, even though they did change the directions. The obvously don’t care about cats, only the bottom line.

  12. According to the EPA’s Reregistration Eligibility Decision for Phenothrin (2008), Hartz phenothrin spot-on products for cats were cancelled in 2005 “in response to the number of incidents reports the Agency received detailing cases of serious illness or deaths among cats and kittens resulting from the use of phenothrin flea and tick products.” Despite that, Hartz never put a cat prohibition icon on the front of their phenothrin spot-on products for dogs, and never put the following warning on the back of the packaging, “May be toxic and potentially fatal if applied to or ingested by cats. Cats that actively groom or engage in close physical contact with recently treated dogs may be at risk of serious harmful effects.”

    That’s not just irresponsible — it’s unconscionable.

  13. We applied it to the T, last night. I woke up earlier this morning and noticed my cat was convulsing. We had errands to run, and we figured it would go away. We got home at 1:30 pm and it was worse. By 2:30 we were on our way to the vet. My cat could not walk straight, and was convulsing non stop. Once we got to the vet he told us IT WAS BECAUSE OF THE FLEA AND TICK MEDICINE BY HARTZ we applied to her. He gave her a shot to help with the allergic reaction, she’s not convulsing near as bad, but still shakes.

    I AM a responsible pet owner. I can FOLLOW instructions. I can AFFORD to take my pet to the vet.

    Hartz is a shame. End of story.

  14. I also have never had a problem using Hartz products on my dog but it’s ridiculous to be so rude to those that have (and yes, you ARE being incredibly rude Michele…). Why assume that they’re doing something wrong or torturing their animals? I have no doubt in my mind that all of you used it the correct way and that it was the product that killed or made your pets sick. Maybe it IS an allergic reaction. I have no idea why it would be okay for some but be so horrible for others. I’m so sorry for all of your losses.

  15. I am NOT being rude! If your pets are allergic to something, then STOP USING IT! It’s considered torture if you continually use something that makes your pet sick. I’m sorry but if my dog had the same reactions, then I would immediately take her to the vet and STOP USING THE PRODUCTS!

    I don’t know how some of you who repeatedly use a product your pet is obviously allergic and still sleep at night.

    I’m sorry innocent animals died because of your stupidity. Now, I’m being rude but only because I was trying to help solve this issue and was attacked.

  16. Your a fucking moron who obviously cannot read! Most people who lost their pets to the flea medication by harts was there FIRST time using it! Your evil and immature for all ur comments and must be a harts employee.

  17. I Took my cat to the vet and even the vet said HARTZ is not to be trusted. The VETS DOG DIED FROM IT AS WELL!!!!!! So yeah I DID use it right followed instructions to the T and my cat still had seizures caused by HARTZ.

  18. I agree with Jenn. You are a complete idiot. I though it was you having a go at other people about being stupid. Somehow I doubt people that lost there pet die to one product would use it again.

    Maybe if they didn’t notice anything the first time then yes they would use it again. I am pretty sure anyone would stop using something that would kill them.

    That’s the problem with people. So inconsiderate to other people’s feelings. I thought America was a highly Christian country… Treat others as you wish to be treated… Ring any bells?

  19. I do not work for Hartz you idiot! I work at a restaurant for which I already stated. Now who is the one who can’t read?

    Also, I’ve read over 20 entries and ALL of them said they used it multiple times thinking there was nothing wrong with them medication.

    If you are NOT reading all of my posts, then DON’T COMMENT! Get your facts straight or I’ll ignore you.

  20. Michelle, you are wrong and you are making assumptions that you should not be making.

    Hartz flea medication killed my 8 month old kitten and an autopsy revealed it as so. The vet told me that Hartz is very dangerous and should be off the market. In fact, three vets have told me this. I would sue the company if I could, but I can’t afford a lawyer.

    Please stop being so nasty and hateful to us. We have done nothing to you. Your comments are unfounded, presumptuous, and out of line. I hope you never suffer the loss of a pet from a Hartz product, but if you ever do, I hope you will remember this site and the people you hurt with your nastiness. Maybe it will change your attitude.

  21. Oh and P.S. Michelle. Please stop saying things like “…you probably only have a high school level education…” and “…of course probably half of them don’t have common sense.”

    Since you PROBABLY don’t know a single person on this website you DEFINITELY should not be making such ridiculous assumptions about people you know nothing about.

    And the crown jewel comment “I think all of you people are sick and making up lies because you’re torturing your animals. It’s the only logical thing I can come up with at this point.”

    Right. Because EVERY SINGLE PERSON on this website is a liar and an abuser, and YOU are the only sane one. Because that is COMPLETELY logical. Oh and in case you can’t tell, that is what is called SARCASM.

    Please explain to me why Hartz is so willing to pay the vet bills for animals who have reacted badly to their products. If they thought they held no culpability, do you really think they would continuously cough up thousands of dollars? Please explain to me why a quick google search will bring up HUNDREDS of complaints about Hartz products but very few for any other company?

    Now before you insult my intelligence or my ability to care for my pets, let me tell you this. I am a 32 year old woman with a Masters degree in both marketing and mass communications. And I would never ever hurt any animal, much less my beloved kitties. I make more money than most people my age and can afford to spoil my cats. Chloe and Ashes are my babies and they are treated like royalty. They have toys, play dates, gourmet food… even their own especially decorated bedroom with fancy pet beds, scratching posts, and cat trees. I hire someone to stay with them while I am at work or school because I don’t want them to get lonely. They see the vet twice yearly for checkups and teeth cleanings. My cats are neutered and microchipped. They have their claws trimmed regularly (because declawing is cruel IMO) and go to the pet salon every 4 weeks for a grooming. All of their shots are up to date. I spend hours playing with them after work or class. I treat my pets like babies and I could not handle it if anything ever happened to them.

    So please PLEASE keep your ridiculous comments about abuse and cruelty to yourself. I highly doubt anyone who cares enough about their pets to find this website would be deliberately harmful to their pet. Its specifically because we love our animals that we want to protect them from poisonous products. Is that so difficult to understand?

  22. Oh and before you say it — the reason I can’t afford a lawyer, is because even though I make a decent amount of money (and enough to spoil my animals), I don’t have enough to take on a company like Hartz. I talked to a lawyer who told me I’d do better with a class action lawsuit, because if I took them on myself I’d go broke. They simply are too large a company for one person to take down (unless you’re a multi-millionaire.)



    My cat seizured and died after one dose of Hartz ulta plus flea and tick spray ,

    next time you talk try useing your mouth instead of talking out your a$$$$$$$$$

  24. We just lost 2 of our cats last night from giving them Hartz flea control. It was very hard to watch and to deal with.
    My hart goes out to every one that has lost any of there animals to poison. May you never have to go through this again.

    Keep spreading the word that this product is leathal maybe one day they will pull it off the shelves if we keep tell our stories.

  25. Michelle you are being insensitive I understand you wanted to be a person who let others reading this know that for some, and probably a lot of pets Hartz does and has been working fine for years. I have been in the medical field for years, work in a pharmacy and thousands of people even are fine taking a drug and then one person dies using it. Like humans our pets all metabolize and react differently. I am sorry for those who have lost there pet because of the product and I am not making light of it and if I lost my beloved pet from this product I too would never use it again. We have 5 cats ALL rescue and thank my lucky stars this being the first time we have used the Hartz instead of Advantage, yes due to lack of fund age this month and the recommendation of my mom I bought the Hartz, I saw 1 flea and some flea poo and went out immediately to get them something for it. I am sure for most pets the Hartz is safe and more people complain then compliment But I think I will buy advantage next month. Btw it has been 3 days and all 5 are just fine just a little greasy where it was applied. So my recommendation is 1. Don’t belittle those who have lost a pet 2. The product worked for my 5 babies but 3. I’m returning to the good stuff next month. most importantly for those of you who lost a fur child my condolences that is very tough to cope with.

  26. I put the drops on my dog earlier (as directed, just like everybody here), and noticed some balding down his back, which was the same path I applied the “medication”. I immediately took him straight to the tub to wash it off before things worsen. Luckily, he didn’t suffer from any ill effects and continues to be the same lovable little guy. I took this as a warning sign to stop putting my wallet before my dog’s health.

    I’m truly sorry for everyone here who had to see their pets die from Hartz products, and Michelle, don’t forget about karma–it’s a bitch.

  27. I just adopted a Papillon and then when I brought him home I noticed him scratching so intensely in the wee hours. I couldn’t fall asleep because my dog was suffering from itch. So I went to Walmart for a quick fix. I had to decide from $5 Hartz medication drops to the $49 Frontline or advantage (I don’t remember too early in the AM ie 0400) I went home took my dog a warm flea bath and combed out as much as I could. I picked at almost every one with my fingers and killed em’ with my fingernails. Anyways I applied the medication after separating his hair from neck to end of back and applied as close to the skin as possible. So far my dog is not scratching anymore and seems to be fine. I’ve been up since this morning and its 0739. After finding this website I’m freaking out and watching my dog as closely as possible. Being a nurse I’m very OCD about things. ehhh. I will pray that my dog will be okay. This is ridiculous.

  28. Tiffany and Julio, how are your pets today? i’m concerned b/c i gave my 15 yr old cat, miles, the flea treatment last night at 9- he freaked out, yelled, his pupils were huge, and he was very lethargic all night. this morning at 7, i noticed a huge bald spot on his back. i just gave him a bath and he looks and is acting pretty normal. after reading the entries on this site, i’m very worried about his recovery. especially b/c i have to leave him this afternoon.
    any suggestions?

  29. @ michele you are being rude and very immature to come on a website like this and basically call everyone here liars. there has been proof and test that animals have died from using hartz products it is not uncommon. also even without studies it doesn’t take someone with a phd to figure out there dog has been healthy then all of a sudden hartz flea drops now there not ok. it happens all the time and your basically saying its all a coincidence ? for some reason though i got a strong feeling you are affiliated with hartz that’s the reason your taking up for them but anyways your a horrible person for saying what you have said to these people and we now all think of you as a butt hole congratulations and goodbye…..

  30. Sounds to me like mlc211 just might work for Hartz. I going in now and bathe my cat for the 3rd time today to get this crap off of her.

  31. I just looked this website up after purchasing (Not Using) applyed the cat flea medicine and i don’t know about working but it hasn’t made him sick. I Applied to his skin and washed it off his fur with a towel and so far they are running and playing.

  32. It’s very nice that you have had success with these products, however, many people have not. Many people get flu shots without issue. Some people, like my mother, end up with an incurable neurological condition. What works for you many not work for others. I almost lost a kitten to Hartz KMR. And believe me, it was clearly the Hartz KMR. When switched to Petag KMR she recovered and has no further incident. Numbers don’t lie. I’m sorry that you are such a brand fanboy that you can’t understand that.

  33. @Michele-
    You are simply a bitch. DO YOUR RESEARCH because the FDA and EPA are conducting studies nation-wide due to ALL of the deaths and serious injuries CAUSED BY HARTZ PRODUCTS. You are one of the lucky ones. My family used Hartz products on our pets back in the 60’s and 70’s and had NO PROBLEMS. Almost killed 2 of my cats in August 2011 and my dog- a Pomeranian- is nearly bald due to the PROPER USAGE of this product. I happen to be a nurse, a professional woman, highly educated. Do not dismiss ANY pet owner as being negligent of reading a freaking box or spray bottle with 5 lines or less of instructions. The hotline people at Hartz blow off nearly everyone who calls with the blanket statement of “it’s just a reaction”, but NO possible reactions are listed on the packaging. Every vet I know warns pet parents to stay away from Hartz. I recommend that YOU stay away from this website.

  34. Ok here my tale and go ahead tell me I a horrible cat owner because I am already there. This about sargent flea and tick for cats, I was careful to choose the right size and weight. I applied at 1 am but my older cat did not take to it at all so I washed it off him right away( I hate when Joey is in pain) All and all the drops were on him for all of five mins tops. I also have a second cat, Circe who did not seem to be bothered by it at all. I went ahead and finished my laundry and everyone appeared to be fine. This was about 6 am

    At eight we fhear loud thumping in the closet, and as you can guess, I found my sweet little brave Circe cat going trought the worst seizures I have ever seen. We wasted little time, I held him, while my wife got dressed and then I got dressed and we rushed him of to the er. This is 830 in the morning.

    Circe is in Intensive care tonight but doing much better. But the worst is yet to come.

    We get home and Joey is fine, he playing he cuddles with us he even picked on the dog a little bit. He had his late breakfest and went to bed with me around noon.

    Guess what happens. I wake up at 230 in the afternoon to my dog freaking out because Joey is covulsing. We give him his third bath, and benadryl on the advice of my grandmother vet, and then rush him off to the er. Lucky joey is doing really well tonight and they actually have him in a cage next Circe so that they can be together. But I swear this is the first time I have ever used this stuff, and it was only on Joey for 5 mins top, yet there he is in the hospital.

    I have never had flea problems but growing up my family had. And they have always used hartz products. I honestly would have never thought that major store chains would sell a product this horribly dangerious. Sargents or Hartz its all the same.

    To accuse people of choosing to torture there animals just because you have never gone through what they are going through, is a horrbly cold attitude. Everyone of these posters is in pain, and watched there pet die in a nightmare like way. I have seen people have seizures , i have had animals who wer prone to seizures , hell I had a chinchilla who had horrble seazures tell he passed in his sleep. But nothing I have seen woudl compare to the way my cats were shaking. I had to hold Joey claws away from face because he started digging at his mouth! So before pass judgment on these people, try relating to them.

  35. Hey Michele, if I met you on the street I’d punch a few of Hartz products down your throat, since you love them so much I’m sure they would have no effect on you. You wanna talk ignorant? You’re quite obviously too stupid to tell where the truth lies.

    How dare you come on to a site where people have lost family members and slander their intelligence. Go flip somemore bugers you stupid bitch, you’re the only unintelligent retard here. Get fucked troll.

  36. Wow Michele, it’s hilarious to me that you have the audacity to try to insult everyone’s intelligence level and lack of common sense when you and your comments sound so extremely immature and outlandish YOU sound like a 4th grader! Guess what? YOU don’t have any proof that this product ISN’T the cause of this animal cruelty and you preach over and over that there’s no proof it is! Really? That’s intelligent. Oh and you have a low paying job at a restaurant (supposedly, a ‘restaurant’ called ‘Hartz’ perhaps) admittedly, by yourself, yet you try to slander supposedly 70% of Americans don’t go to college (which is WAY off by the way, in fact if YOU did some research before commenting on things you know nothing about, you’d see that about 65% of Americans DO continue thier education after HS). Another highly intelligent comment on your behalf. Pretty sure most people that work in a low paying ‘restaurant’, DON’T have a college degree, including yourself. And really, you’re basically assuming people that don’t go to college are unintelligent and don’t know how to read 2 lines of instructions. Oh, Ever hear of a guy named Bill Gates? In case not, he created the biggest software revolution of all time and was the wealthiest American for nearly the last 15 years. He dropped out of college within a year. So he probably doesn’t know how to read instructions, according to your theory, but he can get a 1590/1600 on his SAT’s! Again, a VERY intelligent remark by you! Are you starting to see how ridiculous and uneducated YOU sound?
    So, I am an engineer at Boeing, with a college degree, BTW, and though I probably don’t have even close the intelligence level of yourself, I DO know how to read instructions, assuming if you’ve been a petowner for 15 years, you’d even NEED to continue to read flea application instructions every time you apply them (again, smart comment)but I, too used Hartz for the first time ever, only after running out of Advantage, and lost not 1, but 2 cats within 1 day of each other a week after applying it. So, evidently, again, based on your theory, BOTH of my cats just happened to be allergic to it (and why doesn’t Advantage contain this ingredient that all these animals are allergic too and suffering unbearible deaths from?) Actually, though I just wanted to torture and kill my lovely pets which I spent over $1000 on, naturally. Oh, please continue to spat your highly intelligent comments to people, because you’re sounding a little stupid. And its kind of funny. I suppose it makes sense tough, if Hartz is spending all this money on thier unbelievably intelligent staff, such as yourself, why they can’t afford to put better, less deadly ingredients in thier products! Cheers to all the Michele’s working at Hartz and killing our animals… Oh, and I’d LOVE to see your HIGHLY INTELLIGENT remark to my comment, so please don’t disappoint me! But I have a feeling I just may have shut you the fuck up.

  37. Oh, I forgot to mention one of my favorites of the comments by Michele who clearly loves her animals far more than anyone on this site because she can afford animal insurance, $500 emergency vet visits on a whim, and an autopsy for each pet in their RIP moment, costing BTW, upwards of $1000 (or more depending on time spent on it) yet she can’t afford to pay her bills ,,, Notice, in your original post you say you’ve been using Hartz products without any problems since August of 2010, 4 days later you claim you’ve been using them since Middle School. So if in Aug of 2010 you were still in Middle School, that would make you no older than 15 at the time of posting. Yet you claim to be one of the VERY few Americans with a college degree….. just another observation on how intelligent you MUST be!

  38. I have to agree with Michele on the point where it might just be that some animals are allergic to it and others aren’t. I have always used Hartz flea stuff and have never had a problem on any of my animals (2 dogs and a cat). It seems like the issue is partly if the ingest it, so if your animal licks it off def never even put it on. I am sure it has something to do with the individual pet. Some humans can die from peanuts, others have no effect and I am sure it is similar with harzt. Some animals are okay with it, others aren’t. I am sorry for all of your losses, but I have never had problems with this product. If someone does want to use it, I suggest they use it in small amounts to insure their animal will not have a reaction.

  39. To try to name call and put people down is immature and just reflects on you personally. you just end up making yourself look bad. If you’re gonna pick everyone else apart, you should start taking a better look at your own faults. animals only need an annual check up if they are well (not “at least twice a year”). you’re in overkill mode. The hartz product is available inexpensively to people who are ignorant to the potential harm the ingredients have. If you cared about your pet, michele, and aren’t cheap, as you say, then you would invest in a better product that is safer. i have never heard a vet recommend hartz but i have heard them say to not use the product, so you challenge a vet’s advice as well? I think people responded very intelligently to your crap.

  40. The bottom line is not one more pet should die from this. We have to get the word out. I used it on my two dogs and cats and they are okay but my daughter’s cat died from one bath. I will never ever use a Hartz product again tell everyone you know. Let’s make this thing viral!

  41. I am glad I found this before buying this med….I am currently standing in the ISLE with this product in my hand and decided to research it. I am SO glad I didn’t use this on my boys. I would be absolutely DEVASTATED without them. As for this Michelle girl….Sound like a HARTZ employee trying to clear the companies name. You’re fighting a losing battle. When there are literally 1000s of stories talking about the multitude of damages done to people’s pets because of these products, and only one person defending the company it seems kind of fishy. Not to mention HOW DARE YOU accuse people of being bad pet owners. You don’t know these people’s or pet’s history, you don’t have their vet records. It would be like your son/daughter dying because of an over the counter dose of Advil, while following instructions to the best of your ability, and me telling you it’s your fault. You better check your attitude and watch how you approach these subjects. I hope god smites your holier than thou ass.

  42. Michele,
    It should NOT be possible for ANY animal to die from using an over the counter topical flea treatment. PERIOD!!! Whether used correctly or incorrectly. Nothing that dangerous should be so easy to buy and use.
    I am trying to refrain from saying anything insulting to you but you really make it difficult.

  43. Wish i had seen this site before buying. I usually use advantage, but thet were out so tried this and one of my cats is sick from using hartz. Tell all your friends and family members. Don’t forget to let the store know where you bought product. Show them this site…talk to manager. The store i bought product will not be selling this product or i wont be shopping there anymore. Hopefully a lawyer will read this site as im sure she or he will have a case with a numerous amount of clients…me for one!. Hartz makes a lot of products. Send a message by buying nothing from their company!

  44. It’s only a matter of time before Michele’s pet possibly gets sick from all the Hartz medicine she’s been pouring all over her pets…. By the way im curious as to what vet could have possibly recommended you to use Hartz, from my experience, every vet and all of other people’s vets have been telling them to use advantage, frontline, or revolution…..

    2. how can you criticize people for “having only high school education” when you are employed at … a restaurant…………….

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