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Dear Victims,

Please take a moment to visit the OFFICIAL Facebook page below. And also, please make sure to click on “Like”

I am currently working on building a Facebook app and deeper Facebook integration with the site. I’m doing the best I can to continue on in this long, gruesome battle and I applaud all of you who are remaining vigilant!

My best,


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  1. Used Seargents Ultra Gold drops on my 2yr old Cavalier King Charles. Started acting strange later that night, won’t eat anything, and is shaking his ears and rubbing constantly. Two days laters he is hiding in his crate and crying out like he is in pain. The vet can’t find anything wrong, and advised me to bathe in Dawn detergent, which I did today to get rid of the oily residue this product left. My dog has the sweetest personality and disposition, and right now he is lethargic and pathetic. This product should not be on the market, and I would advise anyone considering to use it–please don’t. I am scared for my dog right now, and hope that tomorrow is a better day. In the past we used Frontline with no adverse effects.

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