Two Kittens Lives On the Brink

Yesterday I saw fleas on one of my five month old kittens so I went to the store and bought Hartz flea and tick drops for both of them. After them struggling like never before when applying the drops, they immediately starting meowing in pain, scratching like crazy and licking the solution. After that they starting jumping around the room and convulsing. i knew this was not normal, but decided to wait unitl the solution dried and watched them closely. This morning, they were still itching, the solution never dried and their skin was starting to bleed. After searching what to do, i luckily found this site. I washed them with Dawn dish soap and it seems that the solution has come off and they returned to normal. Im taking them to the vet first thing tomorrow. Never ever use Hartz. It’s way too scary

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  1. I have been having so many issues right now with Hartz products. I purchased Flea and tick ultra, Hartz says that it is the same as others only half price, (NOT) I put the stuff on my dog and she immediatly started running in circles wimpering IN PAIN, what the **ll is wrong with this picture? she went several days eating and drinking very little. That is my 3yr old lab Avalon.
    Now about my cat, put it on him and he disspeared I have not found him yet and I fear the worst. My animals are my family and I love them, I really don’t know what to do as of right now Hartz won’t even reply.

  2. My healthy 5 year old cat took Hartz flea medicine yesterday night and today around 1 pm I found him violently seizing. We rushed him to the hospital, but the vet says that Hartz can cause death. They will update us later tonight and tomorrow morning as he stays in their care. There is a great possibility he will have permNent brain damage and organ damage. NEVER USE THIS PRODUCT

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