Anaphylactic Shock after using Hartz Dog Flea Drops!! BEWARE!

On Tues, July 12th, 2011 I had purchased HARTZ Ultraguard Plus- Flea and Tick Drops and applied the one tube to my 10 month old Female Chihuahua. In between the shoulder blades where she was unable to lick the solution. Within 24 hours her eyes and face became swollen. Within 36 hours these big hives/welts began popping up all over her head and body. She was extremely itchy. I phoned my vet and she said that it could be an allergic reaction and gave me a dose for Benadryl.
The next 24 hrs were complete hell! Every spot on her whole entire body was swollen- her eyes, ears, legs, paws- you name it. She was so itchy and crying. She became very lethargic and vomiting uncontrollably. She almost went into anaphylactic shock!!! My vet was shocked when she saw her. I didn’t realize what was causing this severe allergic reaction until I remembered about the topical flea treatment.

It is now day 5 and my Chihuahua is still not the same! She is lethargic and not eating and drinking very well!
I think it is absolutely disgusting that HARTZ is still in business and that they are actively selling their products to consumers!!!!

-KIMIA from Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

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  1. I hear a lot of stories about how people are angry with the Hartz products…

    I would like to say that I have 2 cats and 1 large dog and have for over 8 years provided the Hartz flea and tick droppers and shampoos/conditioners for all three animals. Even when I was a little girl my family used Hartz on our family dog which lived a healthy and happy 15 years. She then passed on due to old age.

    I have not had one flea in the house and my pets are perfectly healthy and happy. The prices are reasonable as well. ANY chemical CAN be harmful to ANY animal if the pet has a sensitivity to what is in it. All brands of droppers have that risk.

    I have found that the people I know have purchased the incorrect weight when they purchased the Hartz droppers and that is what has caused there animals illness or death.

    Also, you are only suppose to place droppers on the animals every 30 days and no more! If you have mutliple pets, all animals need to be treated.

    Again, I have used Hartz products for many years and wish that pet owners would talk to there vet BEFORE they find out there pets weight or if they are allergic to certain chemicals. It is my belief that people want to blame Hartz for their failure in reading the weight limits for there pets and ensuring if there pet has severe allergies that can cause illness during dropper treatment or misuse the products.

    I am a proud Hartz customer.

    Thank you

  2. Thanks for the comment- however on this website it is NOT wanted or needed.
    It is impossible to take your pet to the vet before hand to find out out their allergic reactions to certain chemicals. Just like people, you usually dont know what you are allergic to until AFTER you have come into contact with that allergen.

    I am able to read their labels of what products are for what weight, also I am able to read that it says every 30 days!

    This website is not titled “Proud Hartz Customers”…. It clearly says Hartz Victims.

    Therefore, please do not comment on my story basically saying that I am unintelligent and illiterate and I am to blame for my dog’s reaction and not HARTZ.

    Especially when you do not know the difference between THERE and THEIR.


  3. I’m so sorry to hear that! I have a chiweenie 4 months old, I used Hartz flea spray on him and we are going on day 3 of vomiting and little to No eating or drinking. Called vet and they just said as long as he is not having seziures he will be fine and to give him a bath with dish soap. Seen your post and looking for some piece of mind! Is your dog ok today? Did she snap outta it, or ……? Please Reply!
    Hope I didn’t kill my dog 🙁

  4. Last July, my 2 year old white pitbull had an immediate and extreme reaction to Hartz Flea & Tick Drops that I purchased at Target. I applied the drops per the instructions (from shoulder blades to tail), and went about my business. 20 minutes later, I realized I hadn’t seen Cooper in a while (and he is usually at my heels). I searched the house for him and couldn’t find him. I finally found him in an upstairs closet, in the dark, laying inside my husband’s empty lacrosse bag. He had gone in there to die! When I turned on the light and saw him there, I was horrified. He was disfigured and lifeless. His head and neck were so swollen, he was choking from his collar. His jowls were hanging down to his chest. His body looked like bubble wrap from the raised welps all over him. I carried all 50 pounds of him down two flights of stairs and put him in the car – I was hysterical and he was fighting for his life. Luckily, we lived only 1 mile from the vet. They treated him immediately for anaphylactic shock, giving him steroids and benadryl (and maybe epinephrine) and put him on oxygen. They said in five more minutes he would have been dead. They were stunned by his reaction to the Hartz, saying they had only seen this severe of a reaction in cats, but never in a dog, especially one Cooper’s size. They believe it was the Pymethrin that caused his reaction. A few hours later, I was able to take him home and monitored him for the next 48 hours and continued his steroids and antihistime for 3 days. His reaction was so severe and so immediate, that I have no doubt that it was the Hartz drops. He was not outside where he might have been bitten by a snake or eaten something strange, so we ruled that out. My husband I learned the hard way, not to take short cuts or spare expense when it comes to your pet. We have never owned a dog, so we didn’t know that Hartz for $15 at Target would be any different than $75 Sentinel at the vet…but obviously, there is a huge difference. We didn’t do our homework, just trusting that they would not sell a product that was so deadly. Our story is true, and you may feel free to call me or my vet to validate it: (540) 239-1530. We lived in Grante Bay, Ca at the time, and took him to Douglas Blvd Animal Hospital. He is listed as “Cooper Burke”. Thank you for listening and for this website. I hope others can prevent this from happening to them. – Carrie Burke, Raleigh, NC

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