4 Mon. old Mini Schnauzer having seizures

Hi everyone we adopted our dog Wilson from an animal shelter two weeks ago.  The owner had stated that during Father’s Day weekend he had had two seizures but then added his previous owners had put expired frontline on him and it was too high of a dosage.  The vet said he shouldn’t have any more recurrent seizures so we brought him home.  Well he was infested with fleas, incredibly matted and looked terrible so we carefully gave him a bath in Dawn dish soap (he had been neutered a few days previously) and my fiance bought Harts Ultragaurd spot treatment for dogs 5-12 pounds (he’s actually slightly larger but I wanted to be safe) That was Thursday.  He was lethargic all weekend, not incredibly so or even enough for someone to notice that didn’t know how he acted, but very sleepy.  Monday night/Tuesday morning around midnight he had a grand mal seizure.  Lost bowel function, excessively salivation, barking, flailing limbs.  This continued about 30 seconds.  I cleaned him up made him comfortable and he was disoriented and clumsy for about half an hour but eventually came back to us and even chased the cat.  I called the vet and made an appt for today at 230 but last night he had another seizure.  Same symptoms except after this one he ate like we hadn’t fed him in a year.  So I gave him a tsp of honey thinking he was possibly hypoglycemic, but I just find the coincidence too high…shortly after treatment with both sets of flea meds he starts seizing?  He was at the shelter over a month without any seizures (or so they say).  Hopefully the vet can give me some answers.  I am currently a nursing student and we live on my fiance’s income.  I am so worried that these drops have given my new baby something lifelong he’ll have to deal with.  Thanks for reading and any prayers and thoughts would be greatly appreciated.  We are all attached but my 4 year old insisted on sleeping on the floor last night next to him because he was too weak to jump on her bed and would cry when I tried to pick him up.  He slept on his pet bed and my daughter and her princess sleeping bad slept next to him.  Losing him would be absolutely devastating.  Weve only had him two weeks but he is family.  Something should be done about this product.  Even if it’s not (which I doubt) what caused my pets problems, these stories are horrific.  If this was happening to humans there would be outrage.  Absolutely unacceptable something of this magnitude has been overlooked.

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  1. Hey! I gave my 3lb chi some hartz flea meds last night and her back legs are having uncontrollable muscle spasms and I’ve heard about HARTZ and how many have lost their pets due to them and I was crying today and it doesn’t sound as severe as yours but if money is an issue then open up a care credit (credit card) at the vet and you can pay that way! Its not much but it helps and so far I don’t have any hope into waiting for my little sugar to get better so I might bring her in when my fiancee gets home. I am a stay at home and no money as well but this is all we have and it is very devestating for me to sit back and watch. IDK what else to do myself and If you wait longer it might be too late! I read all i could all day about this stuff and waiting for most people didn’t make it =(

  2. Kim, it has been a while since you posted, so you are past this point. I’m writing for anyone who is in your position that you were when you wrote. If you can, wash your pet in water and dish soap. Dawn is good for that, but use what you have if you don’t have Dawn. Wash with soapy water to get the product off, then rinse well with clean water.

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