My E-mail to Hartz concerning the deaths of 3 pets

Your products killed 3 beloved members of our family. I am disgusted that
these products are even allowed on the shelves. The irresponsibility of this
company’s products took away 3, almost 4 of our best friends forever. Our cats
had no medical issues, and were perfectly healthy and happy cats before
administering your products. We gave our 3 cats your senior vitamins, and all
became ill. One developed complete renal failiure, as diagnosed by the
veternarian, and spent 1 agonizing week ailing away before we had to take her to
be euthanized. She became incontinent, gasped for breath, unresponsive, drooled,
weak, and developed seizures and convulsions. We had barely enough time to
recover from that horrendous loss before another 2 of our cats developed the
same symptoms from the flea drops. We immediately washed them off with mild
soap, and unfortunately only one recovered. The other ailed just as Xena did,
passing merely 2 days after use. He spent his last gasping breaths yowling,
drooling, peeing on himself, convulsing, and suffering from hypothermia. He was
95.5 degrees farenheit. We burried him next to Xena last night. I was awoken
this morning my parents telling me that Thor, our 5 week old kitten, was found
gasping for air on the floor, convulsing before dying in my mother’s hands. That
YOUR POISONS. There are numerous websites and help forums sharing the vitims of
Hartz and their heartbreaking stories. I’m certain this has been brought to your
attention by now, and therefore, how could you ignore this? Do you rely on your
income from the unfortunately misinformed victims (like ourselves before this
tragedy)that buy these products with nothing but good intentions to their loved
ones? Could you not at least try to perfect your formula? By choosing to do
nothing, you are knowingly allowing petowners poison their loveds ones with a
concern only on money. How can you claim to love your pets and animals knowing
that there are families like mine mourning the painful and untimely demise of
their pets? I truly hope this is not true. I truly, truly hope this is because
you somehow had no idea of the agony you are inflicting upon families
everywhere, but sadly I know it is not. This kind of pain never truly goes away,
and perhaps if you tried your products on your own pets, you might understand. I
feel so alone in this, like the vitims of Hartz have no voice to warn unwary pet
owners. This will change soon, as more and more pets die at the hands of your
products. Are you prepared to take those lives until you take responsibility and
action? Our pets trust and depend on us to make the right decisions for them,
and though it is partly the fault of the consumer for being uninformed, how
could you take advantage of that? It is too late for our loved ones, but I pray
my say will somehow save another innocent life and family’s heart before they
make my same mistake.

7 thoughts on “My E-mail to Hartz concerning the deaths of 3 pets”

  1. While I do sympathize with you, I have to wonder if you used these products correctly. Seeing that you wrote 5 week old kitten, tells me you did not read the directions carefully. The product clearly states the age of which you can use these products on the animals. Maybe the one to blame isn’t the company but your parents for overlooking that statement on the box.

  2. We did read the directions. The kittens are kept separate from the other animals of the house. I don’t know how the product could have gotten into the kitten area unless a pet got in there or we accidentally transferred some into their environment. We put no products on the kittens or the mother, just the other pets in the household.

  3. hi… i am deeply sorry for your losses and i commend you for writing that email to hartz. last night i gave my two 4 month old kittens flea drops and i saw horrible reactions. after searching what to do on the internet i found this site. I am terrified. I washed them off with dawn dish soap and it looks like the ‘medicine’ went away, and they arent itching anymore but do you think theyll be okay? the stuff was on them for almost 24 hours… they seem to be acting normal. please help i feel like i have nothing, the vet is closed today as well.


  4. You did well by washing them off with dawn soap. If they seem to be okay and most importantly aren’t lethargic, vomiting, or showing any other symptoms then most likely they will be okay. But you can never be too sure, so either locate the nearest emergency vet, or if you think they can wait, take them tomorrow. It is a promising thing that they are acting normal, as our cats showed sympoms almost immediately and did not act normally again. The one who survived was back to his old self soon after washing him off. Some cats handle the chemicals differently and some are more sensitive. Keep a close eye on them and get them seen by a professional as soon as possible.

  5. I’m very sorry for your loss. It’s always horrible to lose a pet. I have two wonderful cats. One is 2 years old the other is 6 months. Even though my cats have never been outside they somehow got fleas. We tried a flea bath and that only worked for a couple days. 2 weeks later we tried Hartz Flea drops. My older cats fur was greasy, disgusting and he seemed to itch more so we washed it off after 24 hours. My kitten on the other hand…wow. We followed directions to a T but somehow he managed to ingest a little bit. He started foaming from the mouth and acting funny. I gave him a bath using dawn soap…gave him water and plenty of food. I monitored him very closely for a couple days and he is fine. He is eating normal, acting normal, having normal bowel movements. Thank God! I decided to try the flea collars but they don’t seem to be working at all. I have been keeping a very close eye on both cats and they both still seem to have a couple fleas on them…what should i do?

  6. Wow you’re very lucky indeed! I’m happy that your cats are well again. We have had the same problem with recurring fleas on our kittens. We have had success with diluted tea tree oil baths, and for any left over fleas, get q-tips diped in alcohol and dab the flea with it (though that can be tricky).

  7. Jessica, please take those poisonous flea collars off your cats right away. They do not work and they are dangerous. Use FrontLine or Advantage. They are more expensive but they work and they are SAFE.

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