Hartz Flea Collar NEVER USE!

About three years ago we bought our cat the hartz flea collar unaware of how awful of an idea that was. So it worked great for about a week we saw fleas dying and the cat seemed happy about that. Yet, the next week the cat became slightly ill vomiting only few times, and extremely tired. It was hot that day and we figured he may have ate too much and the heat made him sick to his stomach. The next morning about three o’clock in the morning I heard a loud bang in my living room. I got out of bed to see what it was and out cat had fell of the couch into violent seizures meowing so deeply it almost sounded as if it was barking. He began vomiting profusely while seizing. Then I knew it was the collar, so I immediately ripped that piece of S*** off and rushed my cat to the emergency pet hospital that was an hour away. Luckily after about 2 days of ICU care he somehow made it through. They said he may be brain damaged and have lost his depth perception but he was normal, but he has a massive apatite and is about 22 lbs now. Hartz paid for the medical bill and the hospital said they’ve had many cases from Hartz and said they were sued and taking it off the shelves, but no I still see the stuff at my local market in 2011. Disappointing…

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