Hartz claimed the life of a loved one, and just claimed another as I speak.

I am disgusted that these products are even allowed on the shelves. We suspected that the sudden and untimely death of one of our beloved family cats had something to do with the Hartz vitamins that we had bought only 3 days before her decline. What we bought with the thought of improving our cats’ health was so bitterly ironic, in that it brought her to a decline worse than any I’ve ever seen. We began to notice that she would vomit anything she ate, and that she drank excessive amounts of water, and tried to get into the bathtub with people, which was highly unusual. She became inable to move, and spent the last agonizing moments of her life gasping for air, unresponsive, and recieving IV fluids for hydration. We took her to the vet to be euthanized. She suffered at the hands of this irresponsible company. And as I sit here typing, mourning the passing of yet another beloved animal, I can’t even bring myself to go down stairs and see him one last time before he goes into the ground forever. I pray that our misfortune will be the last that Hartz ever strikes upon any family, but the sad truth is that we will be one of the numerous heartbroken families that cannot proove that these products have brought premature ends to our family members. Our beautiful, loving cat Catellus has just passed moments ago because of Hartz ultraguard plus flea and tick drops. These products have created scars on our hearts that can never be healed. He showed the same symptoms Xena did, and died in 2 days of putting the drops on him. He suffered lethargy, vomiting, weakness, incontinence, dehydration, hypothermia, and convusions before passing from a final convusion. People have to know about these atrocities that Hartz sells, and about the heartbreak that they cause.

2 thoughts on “Hartz claimed the life of a loved one, and just claimed another as I speak.”

  1. I’m sorry for your loss.
    I’m just waiting for a huge lawsuit against Hartz that takes them out of business. My puppy went the same way. He didn’t even make it to the vet, he died in my arms on the way to the vet. Tramatizing really. Now I absoluetly hate Hartz and I hope this doesn’t happen to anybody else. Nobody deserves this.

  2. I’ve given my cat just a tiny bit of an old bottle of hartz worm medicine and I’ve come across this and the sergeant silver spray forum. Thank you for the warning, I won’t be using Hartz EVER. His tummy is a bit bloated, but I’m not sure if that’s just gas or something weird is going on. He seems to be fine, and hasn’t shown any side effects of the spray either. I’m really really sorry for your loss. I just found this wonderful cat and he’s the sweetest angel- I want to make sure nothing bad happens to him. The best thing to do is look up things over the internet to make sure you’re not making the biggest mistake.

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