Chico the Wonder Dog almost killed!

I used Hartz Blockade on my dog years ago by Hartz and came home the next day and he was almost dead. The vet saved him but he ended up with liver disease, peritonitis and lost his eyesight! The eyesight came overnight so he was not prepared like with cataracts where they can adjust over time. His eyes looked clear at the time but he could not see! I was devastated! This dog was my life! He had 12 1st place trophies for Most Talented Pet in several talent shows around the area and was known as Chico the wonder dog. He rode my scooter with me everywhere I went. He still managed to gain 2 more 1st place trophies after going blind and place 2nd in a Beggin Strips talent competition, but he
was never the same as he could not see to perform alot of the tricks or obviously do the hand commands. He is gone now due to cancer in his later years and I still miss him more than anything! But luckily I had an awesome vet that gave me some more time with him. I feel awful for the owners of the other pets that died because of this poison! Thanks, Deborah Knapp

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