What Should I do???

I used Hartz Ultra Guard flea and tick spray on my dog earlier today and the past few hours he has been acting very weird and just staring at me and not eating and drooling on the floor. When I tried to look in his mouth there was foam there. I just found this site and need someone to tell me what to do??? I used it on him before and he went around barking like something was hurting him but I just thought it was the fleas getting off him. But this time he is acting very strange.

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  1. Take your dog to the vet ASAP. My dog died from Hartz products as I was on the way to the vet. He was having the same symtoms as your dog is. He died as I was on the way to the vet. DOn’t risk it and don’t use Hartz products.

  2. UPDATE: We bathed him really good and then he acted weird for another hour or so and then the next morning he was back to his old self! I think he was having a siezure from that Hartz crap from all the signs I looked up online. I will never use any Hartz product again on any of my pets!!

  3. I just used this aweful product on my dog!!! I just decided to research this product after my dog threw up two small piles. I immediately bathed him with dishsoap/his dog regular shampoo!! I feel like such a horrible mommy!!! Why the hell is this product on Targets shelves???? I am furious!!

  4. I feel the same way! I used the hartz flea and tick drops on my 7month old puppy and she acted weird all day. First, when i put it on her back she ran around cowering like something was hurting her then she continued to mope around the house most the day and didnt have any of her normal puppy energy like she normally does. I couldnt stand seeing her like that so assuming it was the flee drops, I called the vet and they just suggested i wash her off with dawn dish soap which I did right away. I am very concerned for her and currently waiting to see improvements.
    I am so sorry for the loss/sickness of the many pets from the hartz products 🙁

  5. I really can’t believe what I am reading. I applied the flea drops about 2 hrs ago to my maltese and as soon as I started reading I rinsed her. Then I came across a story where the Vet advised using Dawn to wash the poison off. I took my baby to the bathroom and rinsed her again but this time with Dawn instead of just water. My dog is acting fine, but I feel sick. I can’t stop worrying. I know I won’t sleep until I know she is fine. How long does it take before I will notice something. I worry that although I have washed her she will become ill. I hope someone is up and able to answer.

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