Sheltie is having seizures

About 3 weeks ago my wife, wanting to save some money decided to buy and use the Hartz flea and tick shampoo and flea and tick application. That night he had a seizure. He had one the next night as well. We took him to the vet and spent alot of money on tests. Nothing showed up. He has since had a couple more so we decided to put him on medication the vet gave us. This has been a horrible experience. My vet said she had heard about the Hartz issue with their flea and tick produts and seizures. I wish there was a class action suit I could join.

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  1. We too used the Hartz flea product to save money. After about 3 weeks our Boxer started having uncontrollable seizures too. After many meds and other vet recommended alternatives, his seizures worsened and we had to put him to sleep. We have passed the heart-broken phase and would like to join a Class Action as well!

  2. Our purebred breeding sheltie Lucky passed away 07/26/10 due to complications from using Hartz brand flea and tick drops. Within 36 hours of application, he was drooling from the mouth, shaking his head side to side, extremely spacey. Took him to the vet, who said it was poisoning and associated the poisoning with the use of the Hartz drops. He was at the vet for three days, during which time he had at least two seizures. He was never the same when he returned home, seemed to have memory loss and personality changes. Within a week or two, he developed pneumonia. Antibiotics didn’t help. Within three days he was hospitalized again. Blood work showed extremely low platelet count. For several days the vet tried everything to try to save his life, but could not turn around the platelet depletion problem. Lucky passed away due to internal bleeding – his blood was like water with the platelet depletion – he bled to death internally. The poisoning had irreparably damaged his bone marrow, resulting in depletion of platelet production.

    I had not previously known anything about Hartz brand poisoning pets. A few months ago a story aired on a local T.V. station about Sergeant’s brand (same ingredients) killing a lady’s cat. I then did further research and found that these products have killed numerous dogs and cats. Via my research I also learned that Hartz had reimbursed some owners for their expenses. My vet bills alone were over $900, in addition to the expenses of replacing our breeding male and lost litter income. I wrote to Hartz 4-6 weeks ago to inform them that their product had poisoned our dog, resulting in his death. Initially they were nice, expressing their sympathy, and subsequently requesting that I provide them with a statement from our vet, copies of vet bills, and that I return the unused product to them. I complied with all their requests, and that has been now at least three weeks ago. Since then I have heard nothing further from them. They don’t respond to my emails and have not to date reimbursed me for my expenses. Although ideally these products obviously need to be removed from the market, at the very least I want reimbursed for the $2100+ that their product causing death of our dog cost me. I am fed up and seeking legal representation in this matter.

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