EPA Needs to Hear from You: Get Toxic Flea Collars off the Shelves

From our friend James over at BioSpotVictims.org:

The NRDC has submitted another petition to the EPA to ban toxic flea collars and the EPA wants to hear what the public has to say about it. Here’s an article from the NRDC regarding it:


Comments must be submitted to the EPA by July 15, 2011. (next week!)

It’s really important for pet owners to submit a comment. If few people take the time to respond, the EPA will continue to drag their feet on this issue.

Here’s a link for submitting comments:


If you folks want to be proactive and get toxic flea collars off the market, please take the time to submit your stories and comments here.

One thought on “EPA Needs to Hear from You: Get Toxic Flea Collars off the Shelves”

  1. Thanks very much for posting it, Josh.

    If anyone has ever had a bad experience with a flea collar, NOW IS THE TIME TO LET THE EPA KNOW ABOUT IT!

    Last year, the EPA completed a human health risk assessment for flea collars that contain the pesticide propoxur. It found that these products pose unacceptable risks to young children.


    Sergeant’s Pet Care Products and Wellmark International (which markets propoxur flea collars under the Adams, Bio Spot, and Zodiac brands) strongly urged the EPA not to release its risk assessment of propoxur flea collars to the public, fearing that it would “seriously damage, if not destroy, the market for Propoxur Pet Collars.”

    In addition, Sergeant’s and Wellmark International threatened legal action if the EPA made any attempt to remove these products from the market!


    Please let the EPA know that our health is more important than Sergeant’s and Wellmark International’s profits!

    Here’s the link for submitting comments to the EPA:


    Comments must be submitted by midnight on July 15, 2011.

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