Disaster averted…

I just bought the Hartz flea and ticks Shampoo for my lab. Being the skeptic I am I researched the products information and stumbled upon this site. My black lab Sophie is afflicted by vicious blood-sucking fleas.

Can Anyone reccomend a flea shampoo for labs?

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  1. Dawn dish soap is the safest, and cheapest flea bath. It’s used on animals that are caught in oil spills. The Eco Dawn is all natural but not quite as effective. The original dawn will kill any and all fleas on your lab, and a good scrub will get out any eggs.

  2. I agree with Monica! Dawn is the best to use and conveniently cheap! I bought a 10 dollar RID lice comb (even though not specified for animals), it’s great and better quality than regular dog combs I have bought to get rid of fleas and their eggs! Plus it has two different size combs in one, on each side. I use the long side first and the short size last. Helps out with long hair animals to get tangles out first! Rinse comb out with soapy water so fleas will sink to bottom stay their and drown. It takes about 15 minutes for fleas to drown & soap in the water makes them not be able to jump out!

  3. just return the hartz and ask your vet for something. i’m sure they have shampoos.i’ve also heard good things about dawn.

  4. How about the fact that you should take your dog to a vet!! And maybe put some Frontline on it!! If you can’t afford the proper treatments, don’t have a pet!!

  5. Use FrontLine, Advantage, or Revolution. Dawn detergent will work well for removing fleas, but not for keeping them off. Fleas lay hundreds of eggs per day – the nice thing about FrontLine is that it will kill any fleas (or larvae) that the pet comes into contact with for 30 days. Use it every 30 days for three months and you should have no more flea problems at all. The initial treatment will get rid of the fleas on your pet, and the follow up treatment will ensure that they don’t get reinfected.

    And Kellie, your lack of empathy and concern astounds me. If you have nothing constructive to add, please go away. I don’t see anything to suggest that the OP is not willing to treat his pet with proper treatment. Why be so nasty and judgmental to someone you’ve never spoken to before?

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