Thank You!

Recently, my parents rescued a stray dog and found him a good home. Unfortunately, “Charlie” as we called him, brought fleas into the house. When our kids and our dachshund, Niles, spent the night with my parents- he came home with the fleas. I purchased Hartz Flea and Tick collars for my dog and cats, as well as for my parents’ cat. My orange tabby started to act weird immediately. He was lethargic, and when his condition didn’t improve overnight, I turned to the internet for answers. Thank you for this website… I immediately cut the collars off of all of the animals. All of the animals seem fine… the one affected the most, the big orange tabby, is already back to himself. My parents’ siamese, Scarlett, wore the collar for just a few short hours and you can see a pink spot where it irritated her skin. Shameful that these companies are still in business…. but thank you for getting the word out there. My many sympathies to those of your whose animals were seriously injured or killed by these products. ?

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  1. I bought Sergent’s Gold Flea & tick squeeze-on today from Cub grocery store for $6.50. I thought “great, what a deal”. My husband and I usually get Frontline, but are low on money and had not given our 2 Labs any flea & tick protection. Wow! What a mistake! Within hours they were both foaming and drooling from the mouth. I just looked online to see if anyone else had any problem with this producet, and found this website.
    We just took the dogs outside and washed them with Dawn. I am soo worried. I hope that they will feel better soon. I do not think I will be able to sleep tonight.
    They are drooling soo bad. First my husband thought they has pissed in their kennels.

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