HARTZ Flea and Tick shampoo is making my Luci suffer

About a two weeks ago I took my beagle for a hike in the San Francisco area, being from Lake Tahoe a different climate I wasnt aware of how nasty ticks can be. So about a day after the hike we returned home and assuming that Hartz a product that is sold in most major stores was something I could trust in getting rid of the ticks and did as the directions stated. “shampoo a nice lather and repeat if necessary” worried that I didnt get her whole body I shampooed twice, which I regret from the bottom of my heart. Iam convinced after researching this product sadly after the fact, that my poor Luci was not only Chemically burned on her skin but now has developed an eye infection that wont allow her to open her eyes and when she can muscle the strenghth to do so her eyes are actually rolled into the back of her head. I have spent hundreds of dollars just in the last week paying for antibiotics, eye drops, test, more test, blood test and even more test. Hoping to find something that will keep my baby from suffering. The fact is my dog was completely and totally healthy in all that it means before using HARTZ FLEA ANd TICK SHAMPOO and now shes not. Im not sure what the outcome will be. Iam thankful for her actually still being alive as most people havnt been so lucky. PLEASE for the sake of not having a loved one in pain, please dont use these procucts!!