Hartz Food killed all Four of My Guinea Pigs

I had four healty happy guinea pigs we ran out of food one day and went out and bott Hartz brand ūüôĀ :(:( we clead there cages everything was new and clean. Then we put the Hartz brand food into there bowls and three weeks later one of my guinea pigs died completly out of nowere. my mom and I did’nt know what she died from she was six years old so we just thouth she was old and died in her sleep. So my other three guinea pigs were still eating the food. Then today the other three die……I found them in there cages…..and there cages were cleaned earler today so we refilled there food ¬†bowls with the Hartz Brand ūüôĀ then my family and I went about our day. And when it started geting late for my family to wined down for the day I went to check on them for the night and they were dead…………I am so confused and shocked…… ¬†they had new bedding, water, and the stupid Hartz Brand food.They all where poisend by the food. I don’t get it at all. I miss them so much.


IN LOVING MEMORY OF FOUR HAPPY LOVING GUINEA PIGS-Saturday June, 5, 2011 (Clara) and Friday, June 17,2011 (Bugsy,Jasper, and Vanilla)

1. Clara

2. Bugsy

3. Jasper

4. Vanilla

I love them so much ūüôĀ

Please do not buy this food or any other product from them!


My Boxer has just became one more victim I put Hartz Evolve on her she had a seizure today right as I walk through the door. She now has eyes in the back of her head and is very lathargic. All she has been doing is sleeping. On a positive note she is eating and can hear well and is up walking but she looks bad. The veternary says she may have another seizure tonight or may have one in a year only time will tell. I am glad I came across your site and appreicate all of the input on here. I am now going to make a claim. THIS HAS TO STOP NOW! My dogs are like my children and when you mess with them you mess with me. I am outraged that we have never had knowledge of this until it’s to late. I have always used frontline and will always do what my vet recommends. I think this is a hard lesson learned.

Just bought Harts Flea and Tic Progaurd

I have a 2 year old Minpin and a 2 year old fox terrier mixxy thing. So I put the stuff along their back, and started googling when I could give them a bath/ pet them.¬† I stumbled upon numerous blogs and websites that say this product is dangerous.¬† I immediatly washed both dogs backs with dish soap, and gave Calvin my minpin a bath.¬† I am about to give Kenai a bath.¬† These stories made me sick to my stomach, and there is no way I would ever, slightly risk hurting my babys. Why isn’t this stuff off the market? After so many injuries, why is it still being sold, in Target? I don’t get it.¬† My fam and I will start a law suit, even though I see many have already. Doesn’t make sense.. Do you think my dogs will be okay if they only had it on them for about 20 mins, and I washed it off after?? I am so sorry for all of your losses and it makes me sick. Thank you for posting your stories, it may have saved both of my dogs lives.

Two in two days is to much for my heart

The fleas this year in my area have been really bad. They hit long before they usually do and we where unprepared. Money’s been tight of late so we haven’t been getting the vet drops till they where needed.


I..had..six cats.

While waiting on the drops to get in after ordering them online, we thought we’d try reliving our cats flea agony by some flea powder.

All walmart had was Hartz. We live in a small town and didn’t think to take the 40 min drive to the nearest petsmart to get a different brand.¬† So that’s what we grabbed.

We put it on them on the 9th of June.

On Sunday we lost the first one, Mable. At the time we had no idea it might have been the powder. We thought she had gotten a spider bight or just, got sick suddenly.  The fleas had hit her the hardest and she was, we believe, anemic.

It happened Suddenly, we had no time to take her to a vet.¬† We didn’t notice any signs before hand with her as she had always been a loner kitty and liked to hide.

Tuesday night we heard one of our other cats, Tempi, behind the wall. He had crawled into a hole in the fireplace we had previously plugged up. He hadn’t been in the wall for more then a day as our housemate had seen him the night before.

He did not look well, lethargic not eating, not moving, and yowling badly every so often . We sat up with him planning to take him to a vets in the morning as there is not an emergency vet in our town.

He didn’t last the night.¬† As he died the exact same way Mable did we knew it was something bad. We talked to the vets that day and they told us it was the flea meds.

The remaining four have been bathed to remove all trace of the powder, their sleeping area’s vacuumed and now all we can do is watch them and hope. Right now all of them are acting happier then even before we put the powered on them.

My heart can’t take loosing any more. It’s broken enough as it is over Mable and Tempi.

I had no idea Hartz was bad. We used it all the time when I was growing up. I am trying so hard to not blame myself for their deaths.



I really regret buying Hartz flea collar….

My six year old maltipoo Koko vomited blood, I mean lots of blood last night.¬† Two days ago, I went to Target and saw Hartz flea collar on sale.¬† Since I needed a flea collar, I was thinking “why not?”¬† This was the worst mistake I have ever made for my lovely baby Koko.¬† For first few hours of wearing the collar, she seemed okay, but didn’t eat her supper.¬† I thought she was just being picky, cause she does that to me often, wanting treats instead of dry food.¬†¬†No big deal, so we all went to bed.¬† Next day, she sniffed at food, but didn’t¬†eat or drink much¬†water.¬† Again, since¬†she is¬†a really picky eater, I thought¬†she was¬†giving me one of her “I want cooked chicken” fit.¬† So I gave her treats, but she didn’t even eat that.¬† Then, I knew something was wrong.¬† She never refuses her chicken jerky (Dogswell brand)!!!¬† Koko was also lethargic and didn’t move much….¬† Few hours later, she threw up and vomited lots of blood.¬† That was yesterday, so today I took her to the vet and she prescribed some meds to coat her stomach and calm down her system.¬† But I am so worried that it might not be enough.¬† Koko always had very sensitive stomach.¬† Therefore, her diet is very strictly limited and same things everyday.¬† Only thing I did differently was putting the flea collar on her.¬† I should have never put the collar on her…..¬† How could they make such horrible thing and make money from it?¬† I read other posts and now, I am scared of renal failure…..¬† Im taking her back to the vet tomorrow and get more tests done.

She’s been through too much already.

I rescued my cat from neighbors who were abusing her. She was nothing but bones when I took her in,and so weak she would stumble into walls. When I took her to the vet,they found a BB stuck in her belly. We moved to a rural area with a bad tick problem,so I bought the Hartz flea and medicine. I put this junk on her this morning,and she just hasn’t been acting right all day. I thought the medicine was bothering her,so I looked up some stuff on it. Oh god,why did I have to buy this garbage? I have washed it off of her,and I’m watching her. She hasn’t thrown up or anything like that yet and her energy is picking up a little. I’m not even going to sleep until I know she’s ok.¬† I left a message for my vet,I hope he says she’s going to be ok.

Hartz = Poison

My poor cat is fighting for his life after a single treatment of Hartz Ultraguard Plus.¬† I found this junk at Wal-Mart while shopping for a better, more expensive brand that I’ve used before, but it wasn’t there.¬† Unfortunately, Hartz was.¬† Literally minutes after the application, he started having a reaction.¬† By that night, his inner eyelids were completely swollen shut with puss running down his face.¬† He was having difficulty breathing and was completely lethargic.

This was on a Friday night, and I live in a very remote town.¬† There wasn’t even an emergency vet within hundreds of miles that could help, so I spent the weekend paying Internet vets for advice to keep him alive until the following Monday.¬† All I could do was wash it off and try to help him eat and drink.

There is no way to describe the fear and agony of watching something you love suffer Рespecially when you know it could have been avoided.  He was a very energetic cat with lots of vitality, and now all his energy is spent on breathing.

He has been to the vet twice now and has received 2 steroid shots, a Benadryl shot and an antibiotic shot. His eyes are constantly draining the puss, and he’s very congested.¬† I don’t know if he’s going to live.¬† The worst part is that my dad died recently, and my sister is away doing volunteer work in the Philippines until the end of summer.¬† She missed our dad’s funeral, and it would just be too much to lose her beloved kitty, too.

I hope others don’t have to go through what we’ve gone through.¬†¬† I can’t believe this garbage is still on the shelves!


OK, my bad. Due to finances i switched to a less expensive (HARTZ ULTRAGAURD PRO) flea treatment for my cats…all 4. two days after i was sitting w the Matriarch of our lil cat family while reading the paper outside and noticed her breathing was very labored. At first my thought was, well, its hot, so i took her indoors, but she wouldnt raise her tail in that friendly way and just sat where i laid her. i knew something was wronG. i immediately took her to the vet. He asked all the normal questions and when i revealed i had changed her flea treatment and what it was…he sighed and said thats most likely our problem as HARTZ PRODUCTS ARE KNOWN IN THE INDUSTRY TO CAUSE BREATHING PROBLEMS AND DEATH IN PETS! Of course, we had to eliminate a whole list of other possibilities. There was x rays…blood work, etc. In the end she was found to have flluids building up in her lil lungs…no illnesses! We bathed her thourougly and she was given a steroid injection to help w her breathing and antibiotics as a preventative measure as the steroids will compromise her immune system a bit. I am hoping this will save her life. For now we are just waiting. Final cost? 400 dollars and the stress that comes with the thought of losing a beloved pet! The vet said it was because of the HARTZ product, and this is well known about the ingredient ETOFENPROX. While HARTZ MOUNTAIN may be legally covered…not sure about that one…they are morally challenged! Shame on them. Proclaiming themselves as pet product company and STILL using this chemical. I for one will tell my story to ever pet owner i know! My sympathies to those who have lost loved companions. Our voice needs to be heard concerning this. Peace

Hartz Killed our baby and my pregnant wife’s companion


Hi Everyone, on March 31st or angel was 9 months old. This video showed the painful process she went to. Unfortunately it was too late, she did not make it through the night in time to take her to the vet. This was the result of adding 2 drops which is less than the recommended dosage.


I have been reading other stories here on how terrible HARTZ products is, I am here to tell you it is true!  Please Do NOT use this product to try to save money.  It will possibly cost you more and even your beloved pets life.   I used a flea and tick application on my 28 lb. Boston Terrier.  Right away I did not like how the product was applying.  I did wait a day before bathing him, to try to get this off of him.  I again bathed him 2 days later.  Still that weekend he was getting crusty soars all over him.  He also has been licking almost non-stop.  I too felt awful, for putting a cheap product on my beloved pet.  I did take him to the vet where I was notified of how bad this product is.  They told me to wash him in Dawn dishsoap, the one they use on the seals that got oil on them.  I have done this multiple times over the past month. (about 1 time week per vet)  But, he is still getting soars on him, they appeared on his belly, in his ears, back, feet, legs, tail, between his eyes, neck, and yes even on his peter.  I hope with time the product will leave his system.  Hopefully he will do a full recovery.


So, to Hartz COMPANY OWNER:  Do you have pets?  Do you use your product on them?  Now reading all of these horrible things that can happen to what seems to be cats and smaller dogs.  Will you use your product?  I hope you would not!!!

Thanks to everyone that may have read my post.  Talking with my vet, this is something that has been being fought for years.  What for reasons I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHY THIS IS STILL ON THE MARKET!!!

Thanks, Michelle Collinsworth