My 2lb Chihuahua losing her hair

My poor little Lola was given Hartz drops for fleas, ticks, an misquitos an in 5 hours she started losing her hair in clumps and her skin was flaming red. With all that I have read please include me to the lawsuit because I have 3 dogs I have treated an I even lose one I will be livid….

Anyone know whats in this product that is making our animals sick? Lola has only started with hair loss is there other things I need to look for? Please email me [email protected] or find me on facebook please….


3 thoughts on “My 2lb Chihuahua losing her hair”

  1. I am very sorry to hear about little Lola but I wanted to point out that it clearly stated on the package “Do not use on dogs or puppies weighing 4 lbs. or less”. You mentioned joining the lawsuit so thought I would bring this to you attention. I hope Lola’s hair grows back quickly and there are no additional side effects.

  2. I know its sad that this has happened and it should have never happened but it says right on the box that it should not be used on dogs under 4 lbs.

  3. I am very well aware of what the package says and that is why I applied only a few drops and shortly there after my other 2 dogs that are over 10lbs their hair too started falling out. And yes my Lola is going to be fine. But all the other people out there that have lost their pets because of this product need voices too…. Hartz needs to own up to their wrong doing!!!!

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