Bellas Story

I gave my little chihuahua a bath with Sergeants flea and tick shampoo lot number 0327pkg101 and she ended up getting really bad leathargic after her bath. she was Just layin on the floor which is abnormal breathing weird and whining. My poor kids were crying and histarical. We took her to the veteranarian and he told us to keep her out of direct sun light cuz her eyes were dialated and take her food away since she was throwing up. It took her three days to get back to normal do to herconditon getting really bad after putting it on her next and rinsing it off. My vet bill should be paid by hartz which was 61.00.

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  1. I think my cat is having a toxic reaction to the Hartz Ultraguard flea and tick shampoo. He has converted back to a wild cat — so we can’t catch him to get him to the vet. He is twitching like crazy, weak, uncoordinated, and in DANGER.

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