My Boxer has just became one more victim I put Hartz Evolve on her she had a seizure today right as I walk through the door. She now has eyes in the back of her head and is very lathargic. All she has been doing is sleeping. On a positive note she is eating and can hear well and is up walking but she looks bad. The veternary says she may have another seizure tonight or may have one in a year only time will tell. I am glad I came across your site and appreicate all of the input on here. I am now going to make a claim. THIS HAS TO STOP NOW! My dogs are like my children and when you mess with them you mess with me. I am outraged that we have never had knowledge of this until it’s to late. I have always used frontline and will always do what my vet recommends. I think this is a hard lesson learned.

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  1. Don’t stop there, File A Claim!!!! I am re-appealing my claim against Sergeant’s. I have copied the EPA and the NCIP! They claim that I misused or overdosed my cat OR there were underlying health issues. WRONG!!! Within an hour my cat had severe seizure every hour on the hour. He was hospitalized for 10 days near death. He is now on meds for life.

    I ask you; if you had bought this product for your child, would you fight?? Would you contact everyone in the world in outrage??? Would it be pulled from shelves??? Why not fight for our pets!!!! Be active and file your claim and be specific of how you applied it because that is what they will claim, you applied it wrong.

    William, pet survivor!!! I am fighting for him. Fight for your pet too!!!

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