Two in two days is to much for my heart

The fleas this year in my area have been really bad. They hit long before they usually do and we where unprepared. Money’s been tight of late so we haven’t been getting the vet drops till they where needed.


I..had..six cats.

While waiting on the drops to get in after ordering them online, we thought we’d try reliving our cats flea agony by some flea powder.

All walmart had was Hartz. We live in a small town and didn’t think to take the 40 min drive to the nearest petsmart to get a different brand.  So that’s what we grabbed.

We put it on them on the 9th of June.

On Sunday we lost the first one, Mable. At the time we had no idea it might have been the powder. We thought she had gotten a spider bight or just, got sick suddenly.  The fleas had hit her the hardest and she was, we believe, anemic.

It happened Suddenly, we had no time to take her to a vet.  We didn’t notice any signs before hand with her as she had always been a loner kitty and liked to hide.

Tuesday night we heard one of our other cats, Tempi, behind the wall. He had crawled into a hole in the fireplace we had previously plugged up. He hadn’t been in the wall for more then a day as our housemate had seen him the night before.

He did not look well, lethargic not eating, not moving, and yowling badly every so often . We sat up with him planning to take him to a vets in the morning as there is not an emergency vet in our town.

He didn’t last the night.  As he died the exact same way Mable did we knew it was something bad. We talked to the vets that day and they told us it was the flea meds.

The remaining four have been bathed to remove all trace of the powder, their sleeping area’s vacuumed and now all we can do is watch them and hope. Right now all of them are acting happier then even before we put the powered on them.

My heart can’t take loosing any more. It’s broken enough as it is over Mable and Tempi.

I had no idea Hartz was bad. We used it all the time when I was growing up. I am trying so hard to not blame myself for their deaths.



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  1. please take the time to file a adverse effect report with hartz for both your pets they will give you a claim number then call the epa and file a report with them as adverse effects to pesticide this is the only way they can investigate it only takes a few minute its gonna take people reporting them to stop the killing of our pets your few minutes of time may help someone from going through what you did , sorry for your loss i lost my cat one day after useing hartz ultra plus flea spray he died a terrible death please take the time to help

  2. FILE A CLAIM!!!! I almost lost my cat who was having severe seizures every hour on the hour. He was hospitalized for 10 days. My bill ran up to 1400.00. I am re-appealing because they claim that I misuses or overdose him OR there was an underlying condition. WRONG!!! I have contacted the EPA and NCIP also. This will not be pulled from the market just with BLOGS. Believe me they know there product is pure poison but still market it.

    I ask you, if you had bought this for your child, would you fight??? I hope yes and would the product be pulled??? You betcha!!! Fight before another pet is killed or harmed by this trash.

    Willim; a pet survivor owner!

  3. Telling a person to File a claim is all well and good. But it helps greatly if you tell them HOW to file a claim.

    I’ve looked at the need help section and the FAQ of this sight and the former only tells me how to complain to Hartz. Not file a claim, Which in my mind are two different things.

    I WANT to fight this, but I need to know HOW. So Please tell me HOW to do this. Instead of just telling me to do this.

  4. Please check our facebook page to see how to file a claim. “Hartz products are killing our pets”… I lost my 3 yr old Grey Kitty, Bianca in 3 minutes flat.. to NASTY Severe seizures.. My facebook friend, Stephanie and I have set up the page to help assist those adversely affected by Hartz products. I am so sorry for your loss!!! No one should suffer this way.. Please accept our condolences..Heather and Stephanie

  5. Softpaw.. please check our site out.. if we cannot answer your questions.. please let us know.. we will try to help you file the claim.. we want to get the word out there and file claims against Hartz.. “Hartz products are killing our pets”. Best regards.. Heather and Stephanie

  6. I am sick and so sorry for your loss. This morning my second cat Dale died from the Hartz flea collar we put on her a month ago. Two cats gone in one month.

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